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Friday, December 4, 2020

Happy 69th Birthday Ken! Our new to us purchase :)

 Tuesday was Ken's 69th Birthday. He got calls from lots of people and wishes on FB even though he doesn't have it.  We left the RV Park in Winnemucca about 0800 (I know, amazing!).  We wanted to get home early as we wanted to decorate the Christmas tree in the afternoon. 

We got home just about 1200 or so.  We both did our thing unloading the Mansion and eventually met up inside.  I got the toppings together to make the zucchini squash pizza for dinner.  I had made the crust and froze it before we left and it freezes wonderfully. 

I ran up to Raley's to find low fat egg nog since Walmart doesn't carry it. Tradition is brandy, egg nog and a Christmas movie while we decorate the tree :) It was a good evening. 

I did notice I don't have a Navy ornament so I ordered one. Russell gave me one last year, but I keep it and the Marine one on the wall year round 💙

Not much the rest of the week, we made a run to Gardnerville for prescriptions and then worked on wrapping some presents.  Ken got lights in the tree outside which looks really nice. Bunk house is next! 

Today (Friday) he worked on wood as the days are really cold here right now.  When we walked home from John and Karen's the other night at 2200 it was 21 degrees. Took me forever to warm up!! 

Today we walked over to John and Karen's.  John got a call to go for storm work in New York, he left early this am from the airport.  Ken went to check on wood for her and made a run to where she buys it. 

While we were there we went inside the motorhome we've been thinking about buying and committed to it! John and Karen bought it from friends about a year and a half ago. They had bought it to go to Burning Man and once they were done, they wanted to get rid of it. John and Karen bought it because it was too good of a deal at $2500. We're paying $1500.00! Figure we can tow the Can AM behind it and be nice and comfy. Not that we're not in the Toyhauler, but this will be better we're thinking. It's in really good shape, 117,000 miles on it. Looking forward to this little project. 

1989 26 foot Ford...
Sink and toilet..
Short tub..in good shape..
Dinette... cushions all the way through are in great shape! 
It has 2 swivel chairs with seat belts for riding :) 
couch for visiting and sleeping :) I forgot to get the "kitchen pictures" ..
Driver's chair..
Passenger chair...

Happy Hour time in front of our cozy fire!  Enjoy your evening! 


  1. Can’t wait to see what you guys do to it to make it Shirley and Ken! What a cool purchase!

    1. Thanks Donna we are excited! Now I'm thinking your Utah campground would let us in! :)

  2. That is the exact same floor plan (and rig) I had back in 1989-1992. How weird it is to see this one. Congrats!! You certainly got a DEAL!!! I've been thinking of downsizing to the same thing. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ken!!!

    1. Awesome isn't it! Yeah not like we really NEED it haha. But for the deal just couldn't pass it up!!

  3. Happy, happy birthday Ken! You cannot beat that price and those Fords run forever. Have fun getting ready for Xmas.

    1. Thanks Doug! Nice to know they run forever, we' are so excited!

  4. Belated Happy Birthday to Ken with many more to follow. He's got exactly six months on me.
    That Motor Home looks in great shape. Even with that mileage it will last forever with proper maintenance.
    Be Safe and Enjoy staying warm.

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you Rick! We're hoping it lasts a while, for that price we couldn't pass it up!