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Sunday, April 18, 2021

A beautiful Sunday, brunch at home, baking and lunch at a great restaurant in town.


Karen brought me this back from her trip to CA...๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Wednesday was a baking and cooking day.  Started with some cabbage lasagna and enchiladas.  Once they were done I packaged them into separate containers so all Ken has to do is pull one out and he'll have a dinner sized portion to eat.  Before I go i'll make some coleslaw for him to have with the enchiladas.  I'll probably make one other meal just so he has more of a variety :) 

Cabbage, mushroom and onion stir fry..yummy!

Enchiladas for the freezer

Cabbage lasagna for the freezer

Some servings for Ken next week...
Butterscotch no flour cookies for Ken..

I mixed up some batter for a morning glory cake (again because I haven't ordered muffin pans).  I'm finding I just adjust the cooking time and it comes out just fine. Cut it in half and put half in the freezer and it tastes freshly baked.  

That really was my day until about 1600 when it was all cleaned up.  

John went to Costco and found us a bigger propane fireplace. Karen had a 2nd one so gave us a new one just like it. If they're not lying about the price it's a great deal! This one is awesome, so we enjoyed a nice fire! 

We had some beautiful skies 

Thursday we took hamburgers, turkey burgers and potato salad over to Karen's and enjoyed a nice fire.  Friday we were home all day getting things done.  Ken got wheel bearings packed and moved some of the vehicles and Mansion around. The days just fly by! 

Saturday we headed to Gardnerville to pick up a prescription for Ken.  We were able to bypass Walmart this trip. YAY! We stopped by a building supply place but they were closed. Only open during the week so we'll try again later. 

After that we headed home.  120 miles to pick up a prescription. The joys of country living. We could have them mailed, but with us not knowing when we'll be home or not that's not our choice.  We could get them at Raley's in town, but we don't care for their pharmacy. So we'll continue to support big oil for now. ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜Š

On our way home we were deciding what to do about lunch.  We thought we'd try and support one of our restaurants in town that we don't normally go to. We ended up at El Superior Mexican Restaurant. We had been there not too long after we moved here 8 years ago.  Never went back as the service was so slow and we had been the only ones in there.  I read the most recent reviews so we decided to give them another try. 

I fell in love with this wine glass...

Some beautiful murals inside

A gorgeous fountain 

The back of the glass...

A little Cantina in the back.  

A lovely restaurant and the owners along with the servers
are so nice! 

We weren't disappointed.  They had the required "Face masks required" sign on the door. We walked in mask less and we were greeted by the owner, mask less herself. What a nice smile!  We were seated and brought chips and some of the best homemade salsa we've ever had. Turns out they sell 16oz of it for $3.00 so we added that to our bill.  

Lunch did not disappoint and neither did the service! So glad we gave it another try. Forgot to take pictures!  

We headed over to Tru Value as Ken needed a part for the Komfort so that the water will be usable for Memorial Day weekend as we're expecting company! If all goes as planned my sister Linda, Bobby,  and family (Dusty, Chelsea, Owen and Cassidy) will be here along with nephew Jesse and friends Kim and Lance. 

We walked in there mask less too. Nice to see some more smiles. Went out to the garden area and ended up with a 6 pack of marigolds, a hanging plant for the planter Russell gave me a few years ago and some chive seeds.  Ken looked at couple of trees to replace a few that have died.  We decided to take note of them and look at Lowe's. Lowe's has a one year guarantee, Tru Value doesn't.  At the prices we need the guarantee. A major investment LOL. 

Early evening we headed over to Karen's for Happy Hour and to help her bring in a couple of treasures she picked up from Carson City today.  A very nice evening around her propane fire pit. 

She gave me some bananas before we left so i'll be baking again today (Sunday).  Waking to a beautiful but cool morning 31 degrees but headed for 73 so it'll be a wonderful afternoon. 

This morning Ken woke up wanting an oyster sandwich for a late breakfast/brunch. Well we all know coffee doesn't go with oyster sandwiches right?! So a Bloody Mary for him and a screwdriver (kind of) for me.  I took vodka, a little of light oj (regular oj is just too many carbs) and seltzer water.  Yummy! 

Oysters and cheese on the left and there's oysters under the cheese on the other slice..

Ken's Bloody Mary in our favorite glass..That's oysters you see floating LOL...

Ken's oyster sandwich with lettuce and tomato added..Japanese Mayo too..Thanks Dee and Katie!!

My more traditional ham and cheese on almond flour bread..yummy!

So now we're ending this beautiful Sunday. Ken went over to spray more weeds at Karen's and then when he needed me I went over to help him. Got 2 loaves of banana bread done and some more cookies. I'll be sharing with Karen since she supplied the bananas. Hope she likes them! 

Aaron...thought I'd get to see a football game next week, but the season
ended last Friday. I'll get to see him play basketball instead! 

Great niece Cassidy after she got caught coloring Grandma's chair...Could you get upset with that face?! 

Owen found grandma's stash of Coke and sharing with his sister ๐Ÿ’™

Hope your Sunday was as good as ours!  


  1. Lasagna and enchiladas look yummy.... love that drawstring wine bag! ๐Ÿ˜

  2. I am way behind. Sounds like you and Ken had a wonderful getaway. Gorgeous pictures. The mountains with snow look so beautiful even the ice on the lake was pretty, sad about the water being that low. Nice to read and catch up to what you have been up to. You have certainly been busy; Ken will be well fed while you are gone. Nobody could be mad at that cute little face very long. I am going to have to try that idea for a screwdriver it actually sounds pretty darn good. Take care. Hugs

    1. Yes it is sad that water is so low and we just saw Lake Mead is at record low levels. We definitely need more rain! The screwdriver was delicious and refreshing!

  3. That Propane Firepit looks nice as does all the food.
    That's a heck of a drive to get your prescriptions filled.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Look at your delicious meals!! Ken won't suffer for food while you are away. :)
    Love the pictures of those darlings at the end. Nope, couldn't keep a straight face looking at Cassidy's! Too cute!

    1. I know he can take care of himself but I like to make sure he's got it in the freezer. Not as much fun to cook by yourself. It makes sense for him to stay home, as he can keep himself busy here. I love little Cassidy's face too, she is a pistol!

  5. Wow your food looks delicious! That's how I cook all the time for myself. Divide it up and freeze. Oyster sandwiches? Uh no, sorry, oysters are not on my approved food list. But the drinks look delicious!! Looks like a nice Mexican restaurant also!

    1. Ken loves oysters, even goes on his pizza when we make it at home! Not me! The restaurant was awesome, we will definitely be going back!

  6. Is that restaurant in Yerington? Looks really nice. That Cassidy. I think she looks like you. And her body language while drinking the coke.... sassy! I could never eat an oyster sandwich but it did look good.

    1. Yep restaurant right near "downtown" Yerington lol. Oh that's sweet, Cassidy looked just like my sister when she was a baby and now she is at cute as her mama. She is a sassy little thing, as cute as she can be. I can't eat one either but he loved it! We're doing it again on May 1st. Karen's mom wants one!

  7. Great Sunday and that is a beautiful Mexican restaurant. We havent had a 75 degree day yet๐Ÿ˜ฌ Interesting brunch.