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Monday, April 5, 2021

Parker, AZ, Pirates Den, Silly Al's and Lake Mead Camping

In talking with my other half the other day we decided we wanted a getaway.  We have this home that we love, and plenty of things to keep us occupied especially now that the weather is warming up.  We have the beautiful Mansion that was itching to get away so we decided to go with that for a few days or longer. Whatever we feel like. 

Tuesday morning at our regular leave campground time we left home at 1100. Had a beautiful drive and last night found us off highway 95 on the Mt. Charleston turnoff.  There's a really nice pull over just off the highway we've stayed before. We are outside Las Vegas.  

Love the Joshua Trees! 

Our view from the Mansion! 

Got up and after breakfast we were on the road again.  We wanted to miss the Vegas commute so we weren't in a hurry. Decided to try the 215W belt loop for some different scenery.  It was less traffic until near the end of it, so with that being said we probably won't do it again. 9 miles longer and you still end up with the Vegas slow down near the airport. 

Once we got to Needles we came down the CA side of the Colorado River to Parker, AZ. We found a pull over and had lunch around 1400.  We pulled into LaPaz County Park around 1500.  A few people in line for spots and boy is this park crowded!! 

When you see this bridge you know you're near Parker, AZ
Our view from our campsite

Good night from La Paz County Park!

We ended up with a beautiful site, right on the river. No hookups though.  It's really warming through the weekend but not sure what our plans are at this time.  

Changed into shorts right away! It was 90 degrees. With a warm wind coming off the river it was really nice to sit outside! You know it's warm when I ask for an ice cold Corona Light! Luckily we brought some LOL..

We stayed outside in our beautiful spot watching the boats  and toys on the river just enjoying the view.  Finally it cooled off and it was time to go inside and get a late dinner.  Leftovers of cabbage lasagna so it was easy. 

 (Thursday) I didn't set the alarm so it 0645 when I finally woke up! No plans today except to enjoy the sunshine and maybe a bike ride around the park! :) It's 0850 and 72 degrees..going for 93! There's a nice wind blowing too. 

We did just that on Thursday.  Sat outside watching the many boats and jet skis race by our campsite.  About 1600 we headed over to the Pirate's Den to enjoy Happy Hour and have a drink two. WE actually checked out them and the Roadrunner bar earlier in the day to make sure there were no masking rules and there wasn't.  

We found a couple of seats at the bar and just enjoyed all the smiling faces that you could actually see!  Happy normal families just having a good time together.  We left there around 1830.

Happy Hour at camp...
Pirates Den 


Internet is virtually non existent here so we're happy when I can comment on a blog or two! Thursday was not the day! 

Friday morning we slept in until 0715 just because we could.  Our only plan for the day is a ride to Quartzsite and a visit to Silly Al's.  Tradition, you know! It's supposed to reach 96 today and 101 tomorrow. Seems to be a little breeze and the boats are out early today! Can only imagine Saturday! 

We had a great time at Silly Al's and good food! Have to admit we always think of George and Suzie whenever we're there along with our other snowbirding friends :) Really wasn't too crowded there since we're into April.  Again, nice to see no masks on the servers or anyone for that matter.  

Pizza was awesome as always! 

Once we got back to camp we just sat outside and enjoyed the boats and other watercraft on the water.  Later Ken barbecued the hamburgers we didn't have the night before and they were yummy! 

Saturday morning we slept in once again, just because we can! Christina called so I got the details on the shower, wedding and reception from her.  They are down visiting Seth and getting some things done and still having a good time! 

After breakfast we headed outside to watch the boats again! Amazing how many boats and people are out! It got to 100 degrees (or more).  Not bad at all in the shade! 

Around 1300 we walked over to the Roadrunner Bar and Grill for a drink just because it's tradition :) The place was hopping! Never have we seen it so crowded. The food looked wonderful but we weren't hungry after a late breakfast. 

Another beautiful sunset! 
Ken and Wiley Coyote...:) 

The littles out dancing...just too cute! 
This little lady, 97 years young enjoying her whiskey and seven all dressed up just enjoying life!

We walked back and got the truck to go over to Pirates Den to see how they were doing! They were packed too! Found ourselves a seat at the bar and did some people watching. They actually had a live band (2 people) playing so it was fun to watch the little ones dancing out there :) 

Once we got back home we watched the water show the rest of the afternoon. 

I never tire of this view!!

Ken barbecued some awesome boneless pork ribs and I did asparagus and a simple salad. Perfect for a hot night. 

Sunday morning I set the alarm for 0515..sigh..We are out of here today so wanted to get a decent start. Sure have enjoyed this stay and even as hot as it is and no hookups having the water just a few feet away is amazing! It cools down nicely overnight so that helps.  

We were going to head for Flagstaff, Sedona and Page, but the truck is going to be due its 20,000 mile service soon so decided to head home a different way and we'll save that vacation until later in the year. Jello plans? right! 

Time to get going. 

Monday morning finds us at Lake Mead..Boulder Beach Campground. Got in yesterday afternoon and this place is packed! Luckily they have a lot of campsites and we found a nice one. Got set up and found some shade, it's really warm in the 90's and no wind! We cooked some turkey burgers on the Coleman stove, too warm to be inside! They were delicious along with a salad and green beans. We came inside to bed about 2200. 

Not the best night's sleep as we were on top of the covers all night! Just too hot and not a breeze in sight! No hookups here.  

Ken's running into Boulder City quickly and after breakfast we'll head toward Cathedral Gorge State Park about 170 miles from here.  Looking for cooler temps in the 80's.  

Finally had some working internet so wanted to get this posted! Have a great day!


  1. That was a nice get a way. Pirates Den is one of my favorite places....love the river views. When we stopped there last October things were already opening up. The servers wore masks but we didn't. We've never been to Roadrunner. I need to remember that place. Love the pictures.

    1. Yes I love Pirates Den too. We stay at LaPaz and really like that place. Arizona has the right idea about opening up!

  2. That looks like the perfect camp sites to relax by the water.
    Pics of Silly Al's brings back memories. We always sat by the bar watching those playing pool.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. lots of memories at Silly Al's for sure! Always fun to people watch! We both said that was our favorite campsite so far!

  3. Seems to me everything is going to be packed with so many people buying rigs and now with the good weather. Lucky you have found spots to park. I have to admit I love people watching, but it's rather uncomfortable if sitting by yourself. I love that you find all these campgrounds ... which I'm writing down by the way!!

    1. Yep Nancy everywhere is packed with people and rigs! WE did find our little gem in Nevada that only us and a few others were camped!

  4. You seem to find some great sites along water, lovely!
    What a great little getaway for you two. I don't know how you remember the details of what you did over the course of a week, I have difficulty after one day! 😂😂
    Can't believe the heat, well, yes, I guess I can since we were enjoying 70's here yesterday and it was almost perfect.

    1. I don't remember either but I was able to get on and write the blog just no pictures and no FB..It was an awesome trip but always nice to come home too. Yes it was hot, and we have lovely weather here at home too!