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Monday, March 29, 2021

Congratulations Holly and Seth! A great party at Karen's..Carson City and Reno today..

I saw on Facebook yesterday that our grandson Seth (our Marine) proposed to his girlfriend, Holly this weekend and she said YES! Congratulations to you two! A beautiful adventure for the two of them coming soon! 
The happy couple! 💙💖

Saturday we had a wonderful time at Karen's house celebrating her birthday with her family.  All but John who's in CA working. 

They put together a big sushi bar which all looked wonderful but the fish (only because I don't like fish) LOL! We visited and then had a nice fire going outside. A great way to celebrate a very special person in our lives!
The birthday girl and a couple of wind chimes..
Karen, her daughter Isabel, Cameron and Sophia
Granddaughter Danielle and her boyfriend James
Isabel, Cameron, Sophia, Izzie, Seyvaia (heart sweater) Lyndsey and Millie đź’–

Sunday morning we had a date back at Karen's for biscuits and gravy...yes I was bad and had some but they were awesome!! She really knows how to make them! 

We headed over to Izzie's (Karen's mom) house around 1130. She was making Chile Rellenos for a brunch.  We were too full to partake, but enjoyed the company. They had friends visiting from Southern Cal who we met on Saturday so we went over to say goodbye and enjoy visiting some more.  Florence, Israel and Seyvaia (?) are wonderful people, glad we met them! 

We ended up staying until after 1300 but had a great time. Came home, got a few things done and then Happy Hour! LOL. 

This morning Ken had a breakfast date with Joe and I did a few things here at home. We left around 1000 for Betsy's Big Kitchen just to stop in and give Matt a little gift. He's a hard worker  and we've enjoyed getting to know him. We wish him well in his new adventure of taxi driving in Carson City. 

After that Total Wine for a pick up order and then to Walmart for grocery shopping. 

Before we knew it the clock said 1430 so we stopped back at Betsy's for Linner! Surprising how fast the day went.  We had a waitress, Connie we haven't had before but she was wonderful along with the food. The people are a lot of the reason we keep going back! 

Put groceries away and Happy Hour! Have a  great evening! 



  1. Congrats on the engagement!!! Your family is getting larger and larger!!!!

    1. Thank you Nancy! Yes it is! All the girlfriends seem like a part of the family for the last few years..they are keepers!

  2. Cute picture of the young couple. Congratulations to everyone. Chile relleno casserole.....yum. I would have taken a slice home with me!

    1. They always take good pictures, oh to be young again! Thank you Elva

  3. Congratulations on Seth's and Holly's Engagement.
    Looks like Karen had a fun Birthday.
    You guys are still keeping busy.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Congratulations to Seth and Holly, I'm sure you are grinning ear to ear.

    1. Yes we are very happy for the kids! On to new adventures!

  5. Congratulations Holly and Seth! Happy Birthday to Karen as well.
    Lots of cool celebrations. :)

  6. Congratulations to the newly engaged couple. How exciting for your family. Sounds like you are keeping busy and having fun; nice to be able to celebrate a birthday with a good friend. Stay safe.

    1. Thank you we are really happy for them. Always nice to celebrate birthdays!