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Thursday, March 11, 2021

Snow! Tax work, Anniversaries of two of our kids..Reno bound this am!

 Monday I finally had to make a run to Raley's.  I had been craving the pizza we had a few weeks ago but I wanted to make it on zucchini crust.  Oh my it turned out delicious.  One thing we find with the Papa Murphy crust is that the next day it seems to swell up. Probably does that in your tummy too LOL. 

Waking up to a little snow this am...hope it goes away by Sunday when Bryan and friends are coming!

Gotta love our skies! 

I cut up all the stuff and then later in the day we worked together to put it together. Looked so good before it even went in the oven but even better coming out LOL.  

Copy cat of Papa Murphy's Alfredo chicken spinach pizza..on zucchini crust..Oh so yummy!
Joe brought this glass for Ken from Tonopah, NV..
Aaron in action...

Tuesday was a day of fixing taxes for Adam. I used the program e-file (the company) to do his which are pretty darn easy.  The problem was that when we filed them on 2/12 the tax program didn't show that he's eligible for an earned income credit in CA.  Not alot, but the governor is giving everyone who files for the earned income credit an extra $600.00 down the road.  So, spent time waiting and talking with "customer service" at the e-file. In the end no help, as the software is correct now, but he'd already gotten his smaller refund. I ended up talking with Franchise Tax in Sacramento who stated I needed to file an amended tax form which will take longer to get a refund. Oh well, e-file was useless as they didn't use the right form, so figured it out for myself. Hopefully! Warning...don't use e-file (the company)

Once that was done about 1600 I headed outside to watch Ken barbecue some chicken thighs for him and a turkey burger for me.  We had the Little Red Campfire going as it was really chilly! 

During the day Ken ordered some 1/2 inch rock to be delivered on Wednesday. He has been wanting to add some to the driveway so its coming. Last time we had it delivered it was around $440.00 it's gone up to $530.00. Oh well, what hasn't?! 

The rock came around 1100 and Ken's happy now to have a good base on the driveway. 

The truck was actually overloaded by a ton and a half..so we got extra :) 

Adam called when he was on his way home from his sweetie's place. We had a nice chat. After he got  home he sent these pics of the Yakima in place on his car. Ready for some camping. 

He's ready to go! 

After lunch decided it was time to make some treats mainly for Ken, but a few for me. Tried a new almond flour chocolate chip (butterscotch for him) cookie. Haven't tried them yet but they look like they will be awesome! 

Almond flour, small banana (for sweetness) and chips...so good! 
Some with sugar free chocolate chips...

Talked with my Winnemucca doctor, Robbie Grant for the last time today :( She had me do a 3 month lab since some of my tests were high last time. Pretty much got a good report except glucose is at 111 which neither she nor I like.  6 months ago was 89 then 98 3 months ago. Other than that cholesterol is back in check and lowering nicely. Since she doesn't take medicare that was a check in because she's like that :) 

Today, a run to Reno for a new rv battery for the motorhome, Total Wine and Walmart.  Company is coming Sunday so need to shop. 

Bryan and Cheryl's granddaughters enjoying snow for the first time!

March 4th was our oldest son Bryan and his wife Cheryl's 22nd wedding anniversary. I texted but it came up so fast the card is late! 

Our 3 sons 22 years ago...Eric, Bryan and Russell..
they got married at the courthouse where Bryan worked at the time 

March 9th was our middle son Eric and his wife Christina's 19th wedding anniversary. Card is late too but I was able to Venmo $$ for lunch anyway. Sure doesn't seem that long since either of the couples got married. Time does fly! 

A beautiful Lake Tahoe wedding..

John and Karen invited us over for Happy Hour on their back porch with heaters and a nice propane fireplace. Wasn't snowing when we left but...
Coming home from John and Karen's last night..glad we took the car!!


  1. Lots of celebrations going on. Aaron looks great in his uniform. Looks like a receiver. First time snow for the little ones is great and it looks nice and not too much. Thanks for reminding me. I need to order gravel this spring for my driveway. Sure makes them look nice. Enjoy your day.

    1. Aaron does look great, but he looks even better in his "real" uniform..pics on next blog :) Oh you're good. Aaron is starting safety and wide receiver! He is the punt returner and punt team as well (per his dad)..I have no idea haha. I love the little ones in the snow, just the joy!

  2. Oh sometimes it would be nice to be a child again and experience first times over, wouldn't it? I love the pictures of the girls first snow experience. Who doesn't want to catch a snowflake on their tongue? Or make snow ice cream?
    Love all the family pictures. Would you be willing to share your cookie recipes? I'm always looking for a snack with little to no sugar, etc.

    1. Yes Cheri I agree it would be wonderful to experience the first times again! Thank you! Yes I would be pleased to share the recipes, especially when they turn out as good as these cookies..Ken says they're the best ever!

  3. Where does the time go. It seems like one day they are babies and the next day they have babies of their own. Not sure how you and Ken are old enough to have children that have been married 22 and 19 years. Wonderful picture of the girls enjoying snow for the first time.

    1. Very true time just goes way too quickly! Thank you for that comment but in May our youngest son will be married 24 years! Seems like he should be 24 not married 24 haha. Yep I love the girls seeing the snow the first time.

  4. How fun to see them catching snow in their mouth! LOL. Glad it was a light dusting and not a white out. Supposed to rain here the next couple of days and it's COLD. Maybe snow too? Sounds like you've been busy!! I think the pizza always swells up because it make me so thirty I drink a gallon of water! Yes the price of EVERYTHING has definitely gone up!! No surprise there!

  5. I know so cute right! Yep prices have jumped. Grandson told me he paid $4.10 a gallon in Chico the other day for gas! wow. It's not supposed to be cold in Arizona!!

  6. We are just losing our snow and you are getting it! What a strange strange world we live in, Master Jack! haha the kids get a kick out of it though.
    That pizza, oh my. I need to dig out my recipe when we get back to our Suite and make one. For me, Bill is too fussy with pizza and I miss it.
    Happy Anniversary to the 'oldy-weds'......well, they're not newly-weds any more! :)

  7. Yes it is a strange world we live in! That's the nice thing about the pizza, you can make it any size you want with how many zucchini you use! Thank you..I know how time flies!