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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

A long catch up post..Warning: Aspen overload once again!

Saturday morning we took our time getting ready.  We knew we were heading to Margaritas again for breakfast. Our treat whenever we're in this area..about once a year.  We had our coffees, showers and about 0930we headed across the parking lot to the hotel. 

I ordered what I always get, the senior (!) ham and cheese omelet with Margarita potatoes. Ken got the senior chicken fried steak with eggs margarita potatoes and wheat toast.  The service was really slow, so good thing we weren't in  a hurry!  Eventually it came.  I haven't had a potato in at least the last 5 weeks or so.  I'm so looking forward to these as they have cheese, onion and bell peppers in them.  I ate some and told Ken "these potatoes taste like dishwater"...hmmm...He asked how the eggs were, good and his potatoes were delicious! I knew they were supposed to be good but am thinking my taste buds have changed with the other eating I've been doing?!  Later on we were talking about it and he asked how I knew what dishwater tasted like?  hmm good question but that's the best for the taste I could think of..Don't know, but sure hope my mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving will still taste good!! haha.
Comins lake near Ely, NV

We went back to the trailer, secured it all and off we went.  Great Basin National Park is only about 70 miles from Ely so we had a nice short drive. Wind was blowing so we just took it easy.  About 15 miles or so from the park is a BLM project that has campsites, covers and fire rings.  We've driven by but we stopped this time.  The campsites were taken but we're thinking when we leave the park we'll stop there for a night.  It's free for up to 14 days. Pretty darn nice.  
Only had a little over an hour drive to Great Basin NP

Some beautiful mountains on the way

Wheeler Peak on the right..tallest mountain

More Sagebrush..

The heart God made, always lets us know we're at the park!

We stopped at the visitor center quickly before coming into the park.  No lunch required today. We headed directly for the sites we usually stay at and luckily we found a pull through.  There are 38 sites, we're in 37!  Got ourselves set up and for $7.50 a night we've got a nice site for 2 nights. If we want to stay longer we can. Once we got settled we sat together to have an ice cold beer. Kinda tradition. I don't drink much beer but I love an ice cold Corona Light except this time...it tasted funny.  Usually I beat Ken drinking one because I like it ice cold.  We finished at the same time and he was surprised so he asked if my taste buds didn't like it?  Nope they don't..now only if they would do that with wine! He's been drinking the Corona Light so I know it's me not the beer. 
That's Utah out there..

Had to put the trailer way down to get it level..


Enjoyed sitting outside for quite a while. Ken called his brother Don in TN and chatted for a bit. Eventually I put a sweatshirt on and Ken started a fire, mostly we played musical chairs with the smoke, as the wind couldn't make up its mind as to where it wanted to go.  A little after dark, Ken put the fire out and we went inside.  He turned the generator on and I suggested he try and get tv. Didn't think we'd get anything, but got several channels. So we had our dinner of leftovers and enjoyed a little tv.  We headed for bed about 2130. 

Sunday morning.  I know I can't post this and pics as service is way too slow but figured I'd get a start on the narrative so I don't forget. haha..Got ourselves out of bed about 0630 and started the coffee.  The trailer was rocking and rollin all night long. The wind gusts were something else. We actually like it so it was fine.  The stars were beautiful in the middle of the night looking out the window. Clear as a bell and very windy this am.  56 degrees here at 0630, 38 degrees at home in Yerington!

After breakfast and everything we're heading to the top of the mountain to see if any aspens still have their leaves after the winds that are coming through here.  
Starting the climb up the mountain..

Going up!!

Pretty winding road that goes from 7000 to 10000+

To think our grandsons climbed that mountain on the right
all the way to the top!

46 years later..

Starting the drive down!

We had a beautiful drive to the end of the road that starts about 7000 feet and within about 8 miles we're at 10000+ feet.  Gorgeous!  We caught a lot of aspens in their beauty and colors. Some were past the peak and some hadn't started. We had quite a show. We parked and walked the campground up there and then started back down the mountain. Lots of cars and people.  Where the boys started their trek up to the top of Wheeler Peak last year there was no parking left.  The wind was crazy, no way would I want to be up on that peak!! We headed to Mather Overlook to have our lunch.  We were hoping to be able to sit on the tailgate, but once we got out we knew it was an indoor day. Had our bologna sandwiches with baked bar b q chips along with a glass of wine for me and a beer for Ken. We toasted to  the first 46!  
Our traditional anniversary lunch..

Baker, NV not much to it..

Area of the park called Grey Cliffs

Then we headed out of the park and took a little drive to the border of Utah. We were looking for another section of the park that had camping.  We found it, but it was a dirt and gravel road so we decided that's not for us when towing a trailer. Back to camp and a nice afternoon.  Later the winds died down so we were able to have a fire.  Ken bar b q ued some chicken and I made a simple salad.  Great dinner and a great day!! 

Monday morning we woke up about 0600. I woke up at 0400 and had a headache, took some motrin and back to bed.  Ken had a lousy night's sleep himself. The elevation here is over 7000 so sleeping in the thinner air is affecting us both I'm thinking. Today we plan on moving to Sacramento Pass about 10 miles away or so.  That's the free BLM camping. Hoping we can check out the remnants of an old mining town Osceola.  

While we were still at camp Ken was talking to another camper Mark and his wife Robin. They're from Grand Junction Colorado and as nice as can be.  After breakfast we both went over to say goodbye and they invited us to stay at their place when we travel through. They have a vacation rental called the Blue Door Farm.  They have 5 acres surrounded by peach trees and said we're welcome anytime.  Of course we told them the same and gave them a contact card. Hopefully they'll take us up on it if they come this way! 

We left and drove the 10 miles or so to Sacramento Pass Recreation Area right on the highway.  People had vacated site #2 so it was ours!  You can stay 14 days if you want for free.  No water though so you need your own. They do have a vault toilet if needed. 

We got set up and had our lunch.  Ken's finishing the bologna and salad for me. Then we decided to take the 7 mile ride to Osceola up the mountain.  Nice drive, well maintained dirt road. 
A nice fire ring provided..


Bar b Q

Our view from our campsite...Wheeler Peak :)

Surprisingly enough there were a few homes along the way.  3/4 of a mile is privately owned and a nice ranch there. Probably been there forever.  We got to the top and were looking for signs of the town..there weren't any. Some gated fences with stuff that could have been remnants. We did see what looked like an old mining operation down below us, but gated also.  Not sure why the BLM lists that place as a place to check out..but a nice ride.  We just kept going and it took us back to the highway.  

Fixer Upper

The old mining operation..

A little cemetery..gated too..

Going down the other side..

Instead of going back to camp we headed down the road a bit to another suggestion by the BLM.  Black Horse also was supposed to be ghost town like with remnants..but again no signs and different roads so we turned ourselves around and went back to camp.  
Elk Arch reminds me of the one in Jackson Hole only this
one is much larger..

Beautiful isn't it?  They sell art made out of antlers..
Can you imagine what this sells for/!

Trying to find Black Horse

Mining at the top

The wind was still whipping so I sat outside a bit with the kindle and Ken went inside to watch a movie. I eventually headed there too. We had our happy hour and leftovers for dinner.  Too windy for a real fire but we pulled out our "Little Red Campfire" and enjoyed the stars and the fire. 
Sun's going down

Little Red Campfire...

Yesterday morning, Tuesday we discussed what we wanted to do.  We set out for Cave Lake State Park that we've been to many times. Since there was no internet service at Sacramento Pass we got ourselves ready fairly quickly. LOL. 
We ended up getting to the Cave Lake dump station at about 1050.  Well, that just seemed a bit (!) early when there just wasn't much to do at camp. Discussed a few things and decided to head home a few days early.  We want to take a trip to Oregon probably in about a  month so decided to head ourselves back home. Not a bad thing :)  Headed to Ely and took Highway 6, a road we haven't taken before.  169 miles to Tonopah, NV.  Had a lovely drive and got to Tonopah about 1600.  There's a rest area about 10 miles west of the town.  They did a nice job to make overnight campers feel welcome  so we stayed there. 
Good morning from Sacramento Pass

We took a walk to find the equestrian campground..but

Love the sagebrush..

Fishing pond if you have a license..
Highway 6 Nevada

My kind of traffic :)

Little ranches along the way..

Fixer upper

Currant, NV
Sad little town..50 miles from Ely and a little over 100 from
Tonopah..Looks like it was a thriving motel and restaurant..no
more..but I could see it was cute at one time ;(

They had a nice community center and firehouse..we
pulled in here and made lunch. 

Playground and horseshoes..my kind of fun!
According to Wikipedia only 65 people live here now. 

Somebody wants to live here now..new house going up!
Something about that little town got me..

Further on in the middle of nowhere..Makoil Company has a

Add caption
 Found a couple of reasons to drive that road again. Saw a sign that said, "Lava Crater Byway"..what??!!  No explanation but the rock along this section was black like lava. Then we came upon a sign that said Lava Crater 9 miles. Hmm..not the kind of road to take the trailer on and no place to park it, but we could bring the Money Pit and the cabover. May check that out in the future. 

Then we came upon a government military airfield in the middle of nowhere. Sign that says TYBO with an arrow.  Per google..it's a ghost town and you go through this "secret" airfield to get there..pretty interesting. They try to make it sound like another Area 51..oohh :)
Now here's a fixer!!

Our site at the rest area...

Nice picnic tables..garbage cans everywhere..water across the
road...only thing missing is a fire pit..

Russell's Mother Day plant went with us..and I'm thinking
she was happy to be with us..at home she wouldn't have


Had our Happy Hour sitting outside enjoying the view. Ken bar b q ued some turkey burgers and I made fries for him and zucchini fries for me. Eventually we called it a night.  

This morning (Wednesday) I was awake  at 0600 and started the coffee. A little visiting with friends, breakfast and clean up we were on the road near 1000 and home by 1230. Not a bad day's drive!  Got things inside and most of the trailer cleaned up.  Going to put flannel sheets on the bed, as our next trip I'm sure they'll be needed. 

Going by Walker Lake these guys ran in front of the truck..
Luckily at a pullover so we got these pics

Beautiful isn't he! 

It was a great trip! Love Eastern Nevada with it's blooming sagebrush, aspens and mountains. It's just so gorgeous.  The new license plates for Nevada read:

Home Means Nevada...

And I so agree!! :) 

Thanks for reading or looking at the pictures of this long post but I had to get it all out there or for sure I'd forget.  Still a lot of places in America with no
internet service. 

Happy Hour...have a great night!!


  1. Great post Shirley! I love the pics of the fall Aspens. I'm looking forward to seeing some great fall colours out here on the east coast, but just a couple weeks too early.
    You guys sure know where to find the pretty spots to camp. Wow!
    We both love bologna sandwiches. I think it's time to go buy some!!
    Congrats on 46 short years!

    1. Thanks Dave..those Aspens get me every year :) and this year the Sagebrush too..was so vibrant.

  2. What a busy time you have been having ,been a while since we had bologna sandwiches. Love your pictures.

  3. You weren't kidding about the long post! haha Your pictures are beautiful. Too many to comment on but it looks like you found some wonderful campspots! The prices are great, too bad about the internet service though.
    Could be your taste buds, a good deterrent but that must be frustrating when you want a good taste of potato and beer!
    I used to love bologna sandwiches with peanut butter and mustard. What a memory that was! :)

    1. Yeah hard to believe how many places don't have internet or not good enough to post pics! Now that's quite a sandwich you used to eat!