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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Washoe Lake State Park and now we're home!

We left the campground Granite Flat at about 1000 hrs after breakfast and chatting with our neighbor Earl.    Ken made the executive decision to head for Carson City and Washoe Lake State Park via Lake Tahoe.  Ok by me.  Got on the freeway for a minute and then off on highway 267 to North Shore Lake Tahoe.  Such a beautiful drive, if it wasn't for the smoke.  The towns are always busy with tourists, but that's ok we weren't stopping.  

Lot's of construction going on around the lake, not sure exactly what they're doing but a couple of hold ups and one way roads. When you're stopped looking at the Lake it doesn't seem so bad though. :)  
Lake Tahoe..smoke doesn't show the beauty!

We hit Spooner Summit and then down Highway 50 into Carson City.  A few minutes later we're at our destination and Washoe Lake State Park.  Again, another FREE State Park for us for camping. We got ourselves set up in site #1 (our favorite) and had a quick lunch.  
Our little home in site #1

The Money Pit has done us well lately..

One of our views

Off to Reno for a trip to Winco and Total Wine.  Once we were done with that, back to camp.  Really warm afternoon but with the shade it was nice.  Couple of hours later the wind came up, so that took care of having a fire.  
Ken's got the bar b q set up on the tailgate to keep out of
the wind

Another view

And another..:)

Ken got the bar b q set up and cooked up some chicken breasts for him and a turkey burger for me. I made him some oven fries and roasted some veggies for me. We stayed outside for a while after he got it done and then later went inside and turned on the tv while we ate our delicious meal.  

It cooled off nicely for a good night's sleep but no where near as cool as Truckee.  

0530 this morning (Thursday) we heard the garbage truck and Ken said "It's a good time to get up"  we didn't.  It was 0630 next time I looked at the clock. Now it's time to get up and visit with our friends and watch the sun come over the mountain :) 

We had our breakfast and worked on getting out of there to head home. It was about 1100 after using their dump station we were on our way home. No stopping for anything so we were home by 1230.  

I started unloading the refrigerator and things just stopping for a quick lunch. Neither of us were really hungry but we knew we needed something.  Around 1600 Ken came in to call it quits for the day.  I got dinner all prepped, just chicken tacos and now just enjoying finishing the blog. 

Tomorrow I'm hoping to get my hair cut in town and then  make some macaroni salad for Ken for Saturday's dinner.  He'll bar b q some chicken thighs for him.  We'll be at the motel in Tonopah for Saturday.  Neither he or I are big on going out for dinner, so we'll take it with us.  

Have a great evening! It's Happy Hour time!!


  1. Looks like you found a very nice spot to camp. I hope we get to Lake Tahoe area. It's on my wish-list.
    I hope the smoke dissipates soon for you. Seems most places in North America have had smoke at one time this summer. We even had smoke on the East Coast of Canada that came all the way from Alberta.
    Take care you guys!

    1. I'm hoping you get to Lake Tahoe too. We'll have to meet up when you do or you come by here!:) Yeah the fires have been terrible this year everywhere and CA just had another couple break out in the last couple of days. So sad.

  2. Great to get more camping in and ready for a road trip again. enjoy the weekend , and of course Happy Hour.

    1. I am looking forward to Happy Hour with y'all this winter! Figure we better go while we still can cause you never know what the future holds. Love our little camping trips.

  3. Your campsite had gorgeous views. We have nice views but yours, we miss and can't wait to see the desert again. :) Such a difference from here to there!
    enjoy the weekend!

  4. You do have beautiful views Patsy..it's all different and we can find the beauty anywhere. :) Gotta admit I loved being up in Truckee by the river..heaven.