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Monday, September 10, 2018

Great concert! Home again and cooking day on Monday..

Saturday night we walked across the street to the Tonopah Liquor Company to get a seat for the concert.  We were able to get a nice bar table right near where Shawn would be set up.  She was already there at right near 2000 she started singing.  She kept going for an hour and a half before she even took a little break.  We went up and talked with here for a bit and bought her 2 cd's along with her tour t shirt for Ken.  Then we settled in again and listened to her sing and sing.  The bar only started out with about 12 people in it, then a wedding party came in and it swelled to about 50!  Most of the time you wonder where they'd find 50 people in that little town (LOL).  We listened until about 2245 and then it was time for this Cinderella to go home.  We walked back across and called it a night. 

Shawn Williams singing
her heart out! 

Shawn sings a bluesy kind of

Inside the bar

Sunday morning at 0630 I was still sleeping but Ken woke up and started the coffee.  The bed was so comfy I didn't want to get up but we did. Visited with our friends online and got ready.  I ran down to the lobby and toasted Ken a piece of rye bread.  He had some hard boiled eggs I brought from home and I had plain yogurt with a little fruit.  We actually thought we'd stop in Hawthorne and get some lunch but it was too early for that so we continued home.  We were home before 1300 so then I made some lunch. Salad for me and tuna fish sandwich and chips for Ken.  Very tasty and we knew what's in it as I made it. lol. 
The Mizpah club and casino

Didn't quite get it all..But that's Tonopah Liquor Company

The Clown Motel..full of evil clowns!

Our highway home!

Hawthorne, NV 


Ordnance Museum

My favorite flag...High and Proud

Pretty much that was it for the day.  I figured it was Sunday so why not?!  Watched some tv and read a book I really wanted to finish.  Ken even took a nap for awhile.  We had leftovers from the trip so that was dinner. Easy peasy! Then an early bedtime. Can't party like we used too!! 
Sunset from home

Today, Monday was a better wake up day, I was up by 0530 and got Ken up :) 
Our usual morning routine and then out to the treadmill and exercises for the both of us.  Got some breakfast done and Ken decided it was time for a little yard maintenance.  Out next to the back porch we have a tree that looks like a bush.  He cut some branches last day, but today he finished the job and it looks awesome.  One by the front porch got the same trimming, looks like a tree now! 
This looked like a huge bush until today!

Same with this!

He's been working on the money pit cleaning terminals etc.  Something's going on with it, so he's starting with this. I cleaned and changed sheets on the trailer to get it ready for our departure later this week hopefully.  

Later I decided to try my hand at a broccoli crust pizza.  I've been seeing it everywhere so thought why not?  Actually it looks pretty good and I topped it with veggies and a little cheese.  Looking forward to my dinner.  Ken's not quite there yet!  He's having George's tuna melts and some zuchinni fries.  
Broccoli Pizza Crust

All dressed up and done..Ready for dinner!

Ken's zuchinni fries..ready to cook 

Looks like we're going to spend the night out in the bunkhouse for a change. Why not right?! It's been a warm day but we've got air conditioning out there if we need it.  Supposed to cool down later this week.  

Happy Hour time!  Have a great evening. 


  1. Nice that you enjoyed the concert sounds like it would have been fun.
    That broccoli crust pizza sounds and looks wonderful, I have made it with cauliflower and loved it, am sure it would be similar.

  2. Glad you enjoyed the Concert and that your temperatures are slowly going down.
    Not sure that we're ready for Veggie-Pizzas just yet.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. There's nothing like a bit of live entertainment. You can see the heart and soul of the performer going into their craft. maybe we'll get to see her sometime.
    I've heard of Cauliflower crust fo rpizza and had some. Very good. Never heard of Broccoli crust though. It looks great!
    That Ken.....you spoil that man!

  4. Live entertainment can either make or break your experience so I'm glad you saw Shawn Williams and enjoyed her music. :)
    Broccoli pizza crust, okay that is one recipe I won't ask you for. Bill would disown me! Ha ha even cauliflower crust is too 'out there' for him. I must admit that it looks good though. :D