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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Bike ride, drive up to overlook Donner Lake in the smoke..enjoying evening at Granite Flat Campground

We left the campground yesterday at 1145 to go on the bike ride.  Neither one of us could believe it was that late.  At least the bike trail isn't that far from here.  We drove to Tahoe City the end of the trail we wanted to ride, but was so busy we just turned around and headed back to the entrance of the trail.  Turns out only 1 1/2 miles of the trail was open due to repairs on the rest of it.  Last winter the river flooded so high and for so long the trail was badly damaged. Ok so only a 3 mile ride, but a beautiful one at that.  

*clicking on pics will enlarge them*
Along the Truckee River Bike Trail

Our old people bikes :)

At the end/beginning of the trail..

After the ride we came back to camp and unloaded the bikes.  It was still early and neither of us were hungry so we decided to take a drive over by Donner Lake.  Monday afternoon a fire started near Emigrant Gap (the North Fire) and in the pics you can see that the smoke was settling in the valley over Donner Lake. :( 

Had a beautiful, if not smoky drive up the mountain staying off the freeway. WE hadn't been that way in many years. 
This area is called the China Wall of the Sierra.

There were lots of people to watch doing the climbs..

That is beautiful Donner Lake down there..

A beautiful old bridge to cross..

A nice viewing area to look at the lake..

She was good

and quick! 

Going down the mountain..

Donner Lake..

Coming back to camp we had a little snack and talked about where to go later this month.  Our anniversary is in the middle of month so we always like to be somewhere other than at home if we can.  We decided on somewhere in Idaho.  This Saturday we'll be in Tonopah, NV for a concert at Tonopah Liquor Company.  Shawn Williams will be playing there for free and so we thought why not? This little gal is working hard to get her career off the ground and we love her music. 

We'll come home on Sunday and then later in the week leave for Idaho.  Gotta love retirement!  

Ken bar b q ued a repeat of the night before and it was delicious.  Again, we had a nice fire until we both couldn't keep our eyes open.  

Set the alarm for 0530 this am (Wed) but we were both already awake, so I turned on the heater (37 degrees outside) and the coffee.  Visited with our friends and enjoyed the coffee. Now sitting here waiting for the sun to come up! 

We were going to head home today, but decided since we're so close to Washoe Lake State Park and free camping we'd park ourselves over there and then visit Winco and Total Wine.  We'll head home tomorrow morning for a day or two :) 

Have a wonderful day! 


  1. What a wonderful trail and love watching those people climb the cliffs, not for me though.
    Retirement is the best job we ever had glad you are enjoying it too.

    1. Love the bike trail, hopefully next summer the rest will be back open! Loving our retirement!

  2. Glad you are still enjoying this outing.
    Like George, we'll be on the trails to the top not the sides.
    Be Safe!

    It's about time.

  3. I agree made my stomach have butterflies to watch them!