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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Finally a posting!

Thursday morning we did head out towards Carson City and I did get some fabric for the curtains in the bunkhouse.  I love JO Ann's fabric and could spend a ton of $$ in there easily.  Restrained myself to only the bunkhouse curtains but I'll be back again.  

We had a wonderful lunch with our server Carmen taking wonderful care of us once again.  I had my required nap on the way home and once again the day was done by the time we got home.  What else to do?  Our front porch sittin as the temps have been wonderful the last few days.  

Friday found Ken  getting the electrical to the bunkhouse finished! YAY.  Now we don't have to worry about an extension cord anymore!  I'm thinking the bunkhouse will get more visits having electricity readily available.  

Cowboy pics hung in the bunkhouse!

Baked zucchini fries..mine on the left without breadcrumbs..

Goodnight Yerington..

This was the view at 1940

The view at 1942..he chopped some branches

Ken's dinner

My tuna melt and "fries"

I got started on painting his old dresser in the garage.  Looks good.  I thought the paint was a darker shade, but this'll do.  I decided I'm going to order some new handles just to give it a new look.  

Saturday was a day for Ken to work on the trailer bearings on the Jayco.  He hadn't done them in quite a while and it was time.  He also gave the Jayco a nice washing.  I told him that she hadn't looked that good since the day we brought her home. 

I made some potato salad to take to Eric's along with some summer sausage and cheese to go with crackers.  During this time Karen from next door called and invited us over for a bar b q.  Her daughter and fiancee were in from CA. I put together some spinach dip quickly and later in the afternoon we headed over. 

Had a nice visit with everyone and just enjoyed the evening. We were going to leave by 2100 as we wanted to get an early start on Sunday.  Well, that didn't happen and it was after 2300 when we got home after a wonderful dinner of ribs!  

Alarm was set for 0430 so we got up and got going.  We wanted to leave by 0700 but it was 0730 when we hit the road. A nice drive along Highway 50 and we got to Eric's about 1145.  
Wilson Canyon campers :)

Gonna be a busy Labor Day Weekend

Gardnerville cows..

This was the waterfall our grandson Adam climbed
a few weeks ago..way up there!

Christina's dad got there near 1300 and Eric threw some beautiful tri tips on the bar b q!  We hadn't had tri tip in probably 6 to 8 years as we just don't eat much beef at all (other than hamburger).  He had some hot links, and veggies oh so good.  
Mason's friend Jackson..

Mason and his Papa Bobby

Yummy Tri Tip

and more good food!

Eric cutting the meat with blurry Seth in the background

Bobby, Ken and I enjoying linner

Mason and Jackson

Seth and his sweetie Jordan

Christina and us

Around 1500 we all sat down to a nice linner (lunch/dinner).   Good conversation flowed and we all got stuffed.  Bobby left around 1700 to head back down the hill to home.  Christina and I were inside talking and later Ken popped his head in and asked if we wanted to go for a ride in the 61 Chevy. Ok. Ken drove and I was in the front seat with Eric and Chris in the back.  Just like the good ole days about 1985 or so.  Took it for a little drive and then settled in the chairs outside for the evening. 
Ken driving the 61
Christina and Eric in the back seat

Cool hubcaps

Redhead K Ranch

Ken went to bed about an hour or so before me, so I sat outside with Eric. The boys were having fun playing in the dark.  Mason had his friend Jackson (? spelling) over for the weekend so there was a lot of outside time.  Finally about 2300 or so I headed to the Jayco.  It was a good night!  

Monday morning I went inside around 0700 and knew I'd find Eric awake.  Christina was in their office working on bills and budgets. We visited and then I got ready. By the time I got back to the house, Seth was up and ready for some pancakes. Mason followed soon after so got the kitchen going.  I love cooking whenever I come to the kids houses. Pancakes and eggs done for everyone and got the kitchen all cleaned up!  We left their just about 1200 heading for Truckee and a campground along the river. 

The traffic was good eastbound, but I wouldn't have wanted to be going westbound for nothing!  Between burners leaving Burning Man and people coming back from vacations in Reno and Lake Tahoe what a mess!  Traffic was barely moving.  We got to the campground at 1415 and had our pick of campsites!  Chose one where I'm looking at the beautiful Truckee River flowing! 
We got ourselves set up and headed to the local grocery for some beer, ice and Ken bought me a really nice bottle of Pinot Grigio that I didn't even see until we checked out. :) 
I 80 Westbound!

Our spot by the river

Back to camp and just enjoyed the rest of the afternoon.  It was definitely chilly enough for a fire so we had a great one.  Ken bar b qued a turkey burger for me and a hamburger for him.  Caesar salad for me, potato salad for him made for a really good dinner.  A little more fire sittin  and then bedtime. 

Wednesday morning found it chilly (brrr).  About 37 degrees. I awoke at 0700!!! Turned on the heater and the coffee and here we are!  it's almost 0900!  Gonna get this posted and then a little later we'll head out for a bike ride along the river trail. Nice easy going day of not much to do. Sounds good to me! 
My view from inside the trailer :)

Great place to write a blog!

Have a wonderful day everyone!  


  1. Eric cooks tri-tip just how I like it....just a little bit of pink. I posted on Facebook about the westbound I-80 traffic...yuk. Send me a message on the name of that campground. Years ago Jerry, Chris and the granddaughters camped by the Truckee River. They were as close to the river as you were but this was back in the tent camping days. Sondra and I drove up for the day. I used to tent camp but by that time I was done. Elva

  2. You definitely have been busy exploring, visiting and eating with family and friends. All that and you had fun while you were at it. No wonder it took so long to write about it.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.