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Thursday, August 30, 2018

Reno, electrical work, baking and now to Carson City

Tuesday morning we had planned on staying home, and then decided to head for Reno and get some things done. While there we made a stop at Total Wine to pick up some of the organic wine I have now come to love!  Guess the "burners" who are attending Burning Man in the Black Rock Desert like it too.  Only ended up with 2 bottles as I didn't want to buy 6 just to find out I didn't like it.  My favorite was gone! :(( 

A quick (haha) stop at Winco to stock up on some veggies and things and then on to Carson City and Lowe's. I wanted to get some paint for the Ken's childhood dresser and he wanted to pick up something with the gift card he got for Father's Day from Russell and family.  Thanks for the new axe! 
Dad loves his new axe Russell! 

I called Raley's in Gardnerville to see if Ken's prescription had been filled, it wasn't as they had to order his blood pressure meds.  Instead of heading that way we ended up going back home via highway 50.  Made a stop at Pioneer Crossing in Dayton and got their one trip salad bar to fill our tummies.  Once we got home I had to figure out how to put all the veggies I bought in the frig! Then we just enjoyed the evening and now I forget what we had for dinner! 

Wednesday morning I got the coffee going and woke Ken around 0600 for our usual visiting with our blogging friends.  Put on my shorts and cowgirl boots and headed out for the last of my yard project.  The hula hoe and I have become great friends the last few weeks, but it's done now.  Nice to live on a road that only 1 vehicle went by in the 45 minutes or so I was out there.  

While I was doing that Ken was out back digging some more on the electrical project for the bunkhouse. I got breakfast going and called him inside. 
He's got it all dug then we pulled the electrical wiring through
to the little shed..

70+ feet of wiring coming through..

All tied in!!

After breakfast and dishes I decided to make some more flourless banana muffins and flourless morning glory muffins. With a carb count of only 6 or so I figure I can enjoy a muffin in the am or 1/2 of one without any guilt. Ken still had banana bread left, so I didn't do any of that.  We decided to have tuna melts for dinner, using George's from Our Awesome Travels recipe. Never fails always delicious! I made up the fixings and put it in the frig so it could meld before making the patties. Lunch was our usual salad bar here at home.  

Ken worked hard on the electrical and it's done at the tuff shed where he's tied into the box there.  The bunkhouse and how he's going to do that is in process.  
Morning Glory and Peanut Butter Muffins..yumm

We read that local honey is good for allergies as it works like a
flu shot..local bees have some of the allergens in them and
somehow it will combat the allergies. Gonna give it a shot!
Ken went to town and then picked this up for me :) Made
here in Yerington.

Late afternoon we sat on the front porch to enjoy our Happy Hour.  I love the new wine I bought! It was a Chenin Blanc and really delicious. 
Our beautiful sunset..gets us into trouble every time! 

Pretty soon they'l be ready for guests without having to run
an extension cord! 

Came inside later than we should have, put together the tuna melts, got the veggies I had roasted earlier in the day and cooked an ear of corn for Ken (not me, at 32 grams of carbs, more than I want in a total day! :( ).  Great dinner! 

Tuna Melts..Ken's on english muffins..mine on a lettuce leaf
which i'll skip next time. The lumps are jalapeños..so good!
Thanks for the recipe George! 

Here we are on Thursday morning.  After a lousy night's sleep once again I woke Ken at 0520 for coffee and muffins.  I cut up my peanut butter muffin (which I added apples to) and gave him a piece.  He chewed and I said aren't they good? They're light. He said "Yeah they're so light like chewing a piece of foam, maybe styrofoam"..haha.  Guess he's sticking to his real banana bread. Personally I really like them! 

His prescription is done, so as long as we're going to pick it up we're heading towards Carson City so I can visit JO Ann's fabric to see about some Christmas fabric for the bunk house.  Then we'll head over to Gardnerville for prescription pick up and of course a visit with CVI for lunch. 

Have a wonderful day!!


  1. Another busy time and Ken getting things taken care of. It's been a while since I have made the tuna melts , so tasty they are love jalapeños on them too. Thanks for the shout !

    1. The tuna melts were so delicious! I saw first time I made them was in 2015 thanks to you!

  2. Busy busy busy. I used to drink Chenin Blanc. I don't remember why I stopped. Interesting information on the honey. Hope it works for you! Elva

    1. I'm hoping so too Elva. Didn't have any allergy problems the first few years out here, but sure sucks now!

  3. I have to try the morning glory muffins and the p.b. ones again with apple.
    Ken is sure earning his keep! We have to do something similar for the Hangar for hydro. Not sure what just yet.

  4. I"m thinking I really like the pb ones, they resemble a real muffin to me (not to ken obviously..haha) Yep Ken's always busy, so much so I feel guilty if i'm not doing something LOL. We're both pretty excited to have the bunkhouse all hooked up permanently.