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Monday, August 6, 2018

Not much going on except SMOKE!

Saturday morning Ken went to John and Karen's to help John with a decking project they've got going on.  He was there for a few hours and they certainly got a lot done. They work well together as a team. 

We had lunch here at home and then it was just too hot to go outside anymore. Smoky too!  So we were inside and I was looking up recipes and finding out what foods have too many carbs and cholesterol and which ones are ok. Thank goodness for the internet or I'd have to visit the local library. 

Later in the evening we did some front porch sittin and then noticed our neighbor Joe outside so we went over for a little visit.  While we were there we decided to meet for breakfast at Pioneer Crossing on Sunday morning. 

Ken had some leftovers for dinner and I sliced and cooked part of a chicken breast with some green beans...yummy and only 11 grams of carbs for the dinner and about 15mg of cholesterol.  Doing ok I think. 

Not long after we called it a night. 

Yesterday morning, Sunday I sat the alarm for 0500 so we would have time to have coffee and visit with our blogging friends. Got ourselves going and we were at Pioneer Crossing for breakfast along with Joe, Stacey, Rylee and Susan (Stacey's mom).  The place was really busy! Ok so what to order, (I promise not to keep going on like this, but it's new)..I had 2 scrambled eggs and a bowl of fruit. Not bad until I got home and looked at the cholesterol on eggs! 374 mgs of cholesterol for 2 eggs.  No wonder I eat egg beaters!  0 cholesterol! I figured on the fruit about what I ate and counted that up. Berries are the best thing, but there was cantaloupe and honey dew..so I didn't eat that much of that.  On to salad for lunch and bar b q chicken breast and baked squash fries for dinner. 
Love that this chicken breast is shaped like a fish!

About 1830 we headed next door for Happy Hour (s)..Whenever we get together with John and Karen it's amazing how long we can talk!  Had a nice few hours and got home about 2230. 

This morning (Monday) we got up around 0600 and did our morning thing with coffee, tea and blogs :)  Ken had the last of the Morning Glory Muffins (I haven't had any since we got back).  I did find some recipes for low carb, low cholesterol muffins so I'll be trying those in the next couple of days. Flourless. 
After breakfast and clean up I rode with Ken to Silver Springs just to get out for a bit.  The smoke is horrible today!  We headed for the hardware/everything store there.  Ken wanted to price some railroad ties (22.00)..way to expensive! He wanted to get a pricing on roofing for John and that's way too overpriced too! He got his answers though.  
Breakfast this am..Low carb greek yogurt pancake, with some
peach slices and 1 eggbeater with green chilis..

On the way to town, you should be seeing mountains here

No mountains here either! :(

Onions all over are ready for picking!

On the way home it was nearing 1300 and our lunch time, so we decided to go to Pioneer Crossing and their one trip salad bar. Yum and I didn't have to make it! $6.32 out the door and we were both full on the good stuff! 

Now we're home and inside with the a/c going and this is where we'll stay for sure! We talked about going somewhere for a few days, but smoke is virtually everywhere so figure we might as well stay home. Probably Wednesday we'll head for Reno early and a little Winco shopping along with Wine and Spirits. They've got some organic wine I want to check out.  

Happy Birthday to Ken's brother Don in TN!! 58 years young!!

A beautiful Tennessee sunrise :)

Don titled this "Living Dangerously" too cute! 

Have a great evening. 


  1. At 4:30 I went out to do an errand. It's so smoky I thought it looked like fog. Right now on the news they said the same thing....looks like fog. Elva

    1. Yeah this smoke is horrible along with the heat! But where can you go? Everywhere is on fire!

  2. Thnx for the birtday wish. Glad you liked the pics. It was nice video calling yesterday, we'll have to do that more often.

    1. Yes we will, especially if you're outside with the cows or chickens! Your place is so beautiful! Enjoy having the girls over this weekend.

  3. You are a dedicated lady! Good for you, doing things the best you can in your eating habits. It isn't easy. I think you remember that I eat differently, more paleo FAT as well as the less carbs. We all have different needs I think and I truly wish you luck. Don't think of it as a diet but a lifestyle. Bon appetite!
    Happy Birthday, Don. Love the last picture!

    1. Exactly Patsy a lifestyle is just what I'm thinking too. I know it's hard to change, but over the years my eating has changed a lot, and now even more so. I have to think positive and make it happen and Ken is on board, even though he doesn't need it..:) I love Don's last pic too..