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Monday, August 27, 2018

Home, yard work just getting things done!

Friday night we had a nice Happy Hour with Jack and then said goodbye.  Had our dinner and then it was time for bed a little while later. 

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Sunset from John and Karen's


Saturday morning we got up and got ourselves going after visiting with our blogging friends.  We recorded Pioneer woman as the one at 0700 was a new one. I headed outside with the hula hoe and wheelbarrow.  Ken worked on the electrical for a while. After about an hour and a half or so, I came inside to take a shower and make our breakfasts. 

Ken went back outside and I decided to get some dinner stuff going early before it got too hot. I roasted some good veggies and made mashed potatoes for Ken for dinner.  

I went outside to pull the electrical cord through the conduit in the ground while Ken unrolled the cord. Worked pretty well, he's getting much closer to getting it done. 

John and Karen got home around 1300 and Ken had to run over to move our truck he'd parked in the driveway to make it look like someone was at home. In talking with them they invited us over for Happy Hour later in the day. 

About 1600 Ken decided to bar b q the chicken for dinner, so I sat outside with him while he cooked. Eventually it was done and then time to head next door. 
Good bar b q chicken

We found them on the front deck of their house so visited there awhile and then headed out back to spend some time with Jack.  After it got dark it was actually a little cool so they started a fire in their huge fire pit.  A little later it was time for us to head home and have a late dinner.  

Sunday morning at about 0530 I got up and started the coffee. It was a horrible night of allergies and not sleeping :(  We had our coffees and computing and I decided it was not a good day to head outside this morning. The hula ho would have to wait!  

After breakfast I finished a book I had started a while ago.  Hasn't been much time recently for reading.  It's been kind of a slow day.  Ken did some things outside and then asked if I wanted to go for a little ride.  Ok.  We just went around town and took a few pictures of the onion fields that were just picked. Back home and just sitting here being lazy, both of us..dinner is made (leftovers from last night), so not a lot we feel like doing. Looks like we'll have our own Happy Hour in just a bit.  
Onions everywhere! 

All picked and bagged by hand all over the Mason Valley

Headed down the road just because...

Several of these homes everywhere...abandoned..just
bought for water rights to water the fields..so sad..

Our little piece of heaven..

Monday morning we were up after 0600! Better sleep than the night before obviously.  Had our coffee and tea along with visiting with our blogging friends. Time to get out of bed and outside.  I decided to work on the back driveway area and finish off a row of ragweed that I didn't finish.  Thought I'd show you a picture of what I'm hula hoeing in the mornings. 

This is what our desert looks like when it's been untouched by

Another view..

This is the stuff I've been pulling out all over..

The row of green is what I pulled out this am.

All gone..til next time 

In the fall and winter it will turn brown and die..easier
to pull out then, but I don't like to wait until then..I
want it gone!

This area was full of the ragweed, all gone I just left the
sagebrush.  That we like!
Tomorrow morning I'll get the last little area near our mailbox done and that should do it for awhile. Uhh then that means I'm back to the treadmill...darn! 

Ken greased and tightened wheel bearings on our 20 foot trailer today. Too hot out there for me this afternoon, but he got it done! 

The electrical piping is going under the railroad tie and
the yard art to tie into that box

Ken working on the wheel bearings

We got Ken's chest of drawers back.  Was his as a child.
Needs a paint job then it'll go into the green room where the kids

One of the tv trays we bought 

The 2nd..will get them hung in the bunkhouse tomorrow..

My Arkansas cowgirl boots got dirty doing what they're
supposed to do!  Not  just looking cute with a pair
of jeans :) 
Daughter in law Christina texted last night and invited us to a bar b q this upcoming Sunday (which is Labor Day Weekend).  We'll be heading to Cool, CA for a couple of nights. :) 


  1. As usually always busy getting things done.Will be nice visit with you DIL on the weekend, I know you will have too much fun.

    1. We are looking forward to the weekend. Thinking about going camping for a few days on the way home too :)

  2. You and the ragweed sounds like my sister's fight with crabgrass. It is creepy crawly stuff that is driving her crazy and killing her grass. Up here I don't worry about the weeds much as long as they're green and cut. Over where you are, you want brown, not green, too funny. You're doing a nice job.
    Your place is a nice piece of heaven.
    Love the cowboy trays and the cowgirl boots even more.
    The pictures of onion bags would look nice framed and on a wall too. Just sayin'

    1. Yes it's a PITA..Your place is beautiful! Thank you we do love our little place, not for everybody though. Thank you i'll have to look at those pictures a little closer :) I thought you'd like the trays glad you like my boots too!

  3. Love the trays. Perfect for the bunkhouse. Elva

    1. Thank you Elva..hopefully in the next few days you'll see them on the wall.