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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Cooking and rain storm..

Tuesday morning greeted us with more heat and smoke here in our little town. We started the a/c about 1030 or so because it's so miserable.  After reading what our blogging friends are up to we got the day started.  I did some cleaning and then got our salad lunch together at about 1300.  Ken was outside doing some things.  

After lunch I decided to get together some stuff to be cooked on Wednesday morning as there was no way I was cooking anything later in the day.  Just too hot to heat the kitchen!  I had taken out some ground turkey breast and made up a meatloaf.  Then I got together the dough for some morning glory muffins. They've got zucchini, carrots, raisins and apples.  Ken's not so sure about these muffins, but I think they'll be awesome! 

Later in the afternoon we were surprised by some thunder and lightning storms so we headed out to the front porch. It very rarely rains here so when it does we certainly enjoy it! We spent probably an hour out there and then the winds and rain got so far on the porch we had to come inside.  
Heavy rain looking out back..

Looking out back rain..

Rainy Tuesday evening..

We had veggie tacos for dinner and then some tv and called it a night. 

We started out the night in our bedroom as it had cooled off nicely.  About 0130 I woke with my hair sticking to the back of my head, so off to the guest room and air conditioning I went.  I didn't wake up until 0645 and found Ken in the kitchen after making the coffee!  He thought since I was still sleeping I needed the sleep..uh no! I told him not to let me sleep, as I'm missing half the day! Think he knows better now..haahah..
We were sitting in the porch swing..until the rain got us..
See how wet the porch is? 

After catching up with what our friends are up to we got the day started. I threw the meatloaf and muffins in the oven.  I also made homemade mashed potatoes and some roasted veggies for dinner. Done with it all by 0915. 
Morning Glory Muffins..let you know tomorrow how they are!

Turkey breast meatloaf with spicy ketchup..roasted veggies
homemade mashed potatoes..and yes I leave the skins on..

My mama's meatloaf pyrex..how can it not be good!

Cleaned my mess and did a few other things and got a shower before noon. Yay! Salad for lunch and then we settled in to watch a movie we own but never have watched The Aliens In the Attic..very cute!  I gathered stuff to take to the trailer and then we watched Super Troopers II.  Ken rented it at Red Box when he ran to town to get diesel for the Money Pit for tomorrow. Cute movie but I wouldn't pay a lot of money to buy it at Walmart.  

Looking out back, where you should see mountains..:(

Now we're watching the wind outside in 97 degree heat and hoping for some more thunderstorms. 

Have a good evening!


  1. You have been busy on the rainy days. love morning glory muffins, a big seller in my restaurant.
    Sleeping in is such waste in my books too, missing the best part of the day.

    1. I can see why they would be a big seller they were good! Lately I've been sleeping later and sure don't want to. We love early mornings!

  2. The Morning Glory Muffins sound good except for the raisins. Ha ha. :)
    You were playing Suzie Homemaker by the sounds of it and your creations sound wonderful. I leave skins on the spuds too. Yum.
    You're too early a bird for me, but I don't like sleeping much past 6:30 unless I need it. :)

    1. Had one this morning and it was delicious, but would be good without the raisins too. Like to get the cooking done early in this horrible heat!

  3. The muffins sound awesome and I love the meatloaf dish. Elva

    1. muffins are wonderful! Ken said the meatloaf was awesome. I didn't eat any, trying to stick to no meat for cholesterol reasons. :(