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Monday, July 30, 2018

Truck stop breakfast, visit with Dave and a late night! Hot Sunday...A new driver in the Kay family!

As of this morning 1 more grandson
with a driver's license! That makes
3! Congrats Jacob!!

Saturday morning we left the motel at about 1000 and headed across the street to the Black Bear Diner for a late breakfast / brunch.  We walked in walked out, too many people waiting. There food is good, but not that good. Loaded into the car and drove across the way to the 49er Truck Stop.  We hadn't been in years and we were greeted warmly by the waitress. No waiting here!  Delicious omlette and country potatoes, fresh cut and loaded with bell peppers and onions. Ken's breakfast was delicious and his sausage patties were huge!  
Smoke along highway 50 

We left there stuffed for the ride home.  When we hit Polluck Pines we followed Dave's instructions and found his home easily.  We certainly could see how he and Pam fell in love with it. Sit's among huge pines and cedar trees.  A very simple looking house with a wrap around deck. We found him sitting in the garage waiting for us.  He had brought home one of the opened kegs of beer so he and Ken enjoyed a couple of beers together.  We only planned on staying an hour or so and spent a couple. 

He told us how he and Pam looked at a lot of homes until they came upon this one and fell in love with it.  They bought it from the bank and at the end of September they closed and moved in. A week later they found out she had stage 4 lung cancer.  Not two weeks later she was in the kitchen and heard a loud noise.  A huge pine tree had fallen from down the hill and crashed through their upstairs! It crushed a lot of the back deck.  They have been fighting with the insurance company since then.  A contractor patched the roof, but the whole thing needs to be replaced. 10 months later and nothing's been done! 8 months after her diagnosis Pam passed away. Dave said he really has no attachment to the house, as it's a lot of bad memories.  He's not sure what he wants to do, we told him to take his time before he decides.  He's got enough to deal with right now. He is such a wonderful guy, it's just so sad. 
Dave and Pam in front of their dream home..
You never saw them not smiling!
A few pics of the bar b q...celebrating Pam's life
Lot's of people turned out on this hot night..

A beautiful tribute her daughter did of Pam and family..

Tables and tables of food..

Our friends KC and Paul..

Little Rylee Mae..KC's daughter

Ken, Rylee and KC's oldest Kade..She loves her brother

We left there, hating to leave him alone but it was time to get home. We got home about 1700 and then at 1830 we headed next door for a bar b q with John and Karen.  Before you know it, we were having dinner and it was almost midnight!  That always seems to happen with them we get started talking and a few drinks, a fire and then it's like Oh wow!!  After eating we headed home. 

Sunday morning was a late wake up.  It's so hot at night we've been sleeping in the guest room where there is a wall air conditioner.  So nice and cool!  We had our coffee (Sunday is my day to have coffee and not tea) and enjoyed visiting with our blogging friends.  I got caught up on Night in the Country, as it ended Sunday morning. Apparently "Security" was going around at 0700 waking people up (check out was 1200) People were not happy.  "Security" also locked the porta potties at 0600 and they were hauling them away at 0700.  Not cool! 
Oh the smoke has us socked in..

Got the day going with some cleaning, Ken did stuff outside, how I don't know as the air quality is bad from all the fires and it's so hot!! 100+ every day. uhh..
I laughed about this yesterday..Just mopped the living room and
in comes Ken with his boots..white tracked everywhere..

After lunch I started looking for something for dinner.  Didn't want to use the oven and didn't want to go to the store in town, with all the traffic from Night in the Country.  I found some ground turkey that I had frozen, it was already cooked.  Pulled that out and decided on skillet enchiladas.  Added a bunch of goodies and some crushed black beans and it looked pretty good. Made me a veggie one and put them all in a big pan.  We usually have coleslaw with them too.  Well, no cabbage (and no trip to the store) I found a recipe for lettuce coleslaw.  
Skillet enchiladas..

Lettuce slaw..really yummy! 

Ken came in around 1600 and we watched a little tv.  At 1930 I heated the enchiladas on low for a few min, just to heat through and melt the cheese. Dinner was awesome!  Ken loved the lettuce slaw and the enchiladas.  Eventually we headed for bed in the guest room once again. 

Russell and family made it home from Shasta Lake through Redding which is on fire..sure you've heard of the Carr Fire..very devastating. :(  

Last time till the his next vacation that we'll see
Russell with this much hair on his face. Sheriff's
department doesn't allow it..:)
Gonna have to click on that picture of Adam and friends
They all have matching climbing shirts on..thought it
was cute 

After a night filled with dreams I woke at 0630!! So time to get going now. Not sure what's in store for the day, but there will be a quick trip to Raleys. 

Have a great day! 


  1. Where did they hold the BBQ? I would have loved that house too. But I can't blame him if he decides to move. And you are such a brat. You were right down the freeway from us...just the other side of the river. Don't do that again! LOL....Elva

    1. Dave owned a house in Rio Linda before they were married. Her son is renting it and they hosted it there. Oh my goodness, I didn't even think we were near you! Next time for sure! :)

  2. Congratulations to Jacob on his new driver's licence .
    Nice to visit your friend and so sad about Dave's wife passing so young. Cancer is a visious disease, to many of my family members have passed from it. You are right about him nit rushing tp sell the house.

    1. Thank you George. Yes it is a horrible word, I know they're making strides but wish it was a lot quicker.

  3. Another driver! Wow! They sure grow up fast, don't they?
    How sad about Dave having to make this kind of decision so soon after losing the love of his life. Breaks my heart, she was so young.
    Your enchiladas look yummy! I love stuff like that. You might have to email me the recipe for both that and lettuce coleslaw! I never have cabbage in the house, the smell drives Bill bonkers. haha

  4. Yep I can't believe 3 of the grandsons can drive now! Ken and I really loved the lettuce slaw, it had a nice bite as I included some chopped anaheim peppers. Honestly can't get Dave out our minds. :(