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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Winnemucca and back home...

Tuesday morning we got up and going and got out of here just about 1000. We headed up through Fernley, NV after getting diesel in town.  We got to the rest area at Cosgrove and pulled over to have our salad lunch. Late but that's ok.  We got tot he New Frontier RV Park in Winnemucca just about 1430. It was HOT. Got ourselves checked in, it's a Passport America Park so only cost us $19.05 for full hook ups in a back in space. Our next visit next week is FREE because they have a promotion that if you stay 5 nights the next one is free. 
Our little town turns into a huge concert venue..The
fairgrounds are ready to welcome thousands this weekend
Huge country stars and fans will invade our town!
Night In The Country! 

This area will have lots of trailers, campers, tents and a lot of
drunks!!  haha

After getting set up we ran to Walmart to pick up a few things. Back to camp and into the air conditioning for the rest of the day/night.  We were treated to a lovely thunder and lightning show for quite awhile. Electricity went out for a bit but not surprising.  By the time we went to bed it was back on.  We slept with the a/c on all night long. 

This morning I set the alarm for 0600. I was up before that but no hurry as no coffee or tea before the blood test.  We left a little before 0800 and got diesel then to the doctor's office for the blood test. Quick two minute process and then back to camp. I made breakfast burritos for breakfast and then we worked on getting ready to head home. Since we had a/c did all the stuff for the salad for lunch on the way home. 
New Frontier RV Park.. that mountain there looks so different
than in January when it's a winter wonderland! 

Our back in site

Love the corner spot..sure covers the trailer in shade

Our little Jayco..

We got out of there close to 1030 and ended up stopping in Lovelock at the Safeway. I forgot sour cream for a spinach dip we'll be taking to the memorial potluck on Friday. We drove on for a bit and then in Fallon we filled up with diesel, as it was expensive in Winnemucca. Pulled to the back lot and had our lunch.  Drove home to a cool 99 degrees..:(  
Lovelock NV..love the trees..

I love the one story old motels..

Picnic spot in the middle of town

La Casita Mexican Restaurant..may have to try it sometime

The Lovelock Inn.. 1985 on the way back from Arkansas with
our kids and my mom and dad..they paid for us all to stay
there before we headed home to Sacramento..Ken had a killer
headache and the kids and I played in the pool. Memories..

A museum..don't you love that house!

I unloaded the trailer quickly and then put stuff away inside. Enjoying the cool a/c inside. Ken did his thing outside in the heat. 

Tomorrow will be a stay at home day and then Friday morning we'll head out early for Ken's appointment in Reno as it's at 0830.  Then down to Sacramento 
 for the night :( 

The memorial is in Rio Linda at a home.  It appear 100 people or so will be attending, so we're going to try Uber for the first time ever. Probably have to get some pointers from Russell and Lori as we've never used it before. Figure that way we don't have to deal with traffic and trying to find parking etc. 
Christina posted proofs of Seth's senior portrait for the yearbook..
Can't quite decide which one I like best..

This was 28 years ago when we were in Yellowstone.
From left..our neice Lina, Me, Russell, Diane and Jesse..
Now we were there with Russell's teenage boys!  Sorry
it's blurry I took it from a collage in the hallway..

Kids are having a blast at Lake Shasta!


  1. Sounds like more fun times way, relax for a bit and busy again, keep having fun.

    1. Yep lots of fun George! Life sure goes quickly.

  2. what a lovely spot you have in that campground. It's perfect!
    So, your 5 nights don't have to be consecutive, that is a nice incentive and $19. is darn cheap!
    I love seeing places we've been to as young'uns, love the memories.
    Hope the appt. went well for Ken, stay cool!

    1. When the park first opened it seemed like it would be forever for the trees to shade..not so. it's great for an rv park! We love going anywhere we've been as kids..best memories.

  3. I have never been to Lovelock. It looks like a really cute little town. Jerry and I love places like that. Nice RV park too. Elva

    1. It is cute..a little worn and lots of empty storefronts. About 70+ miles from the nearest walmart. Only a Safeway in town for groceries. Nice place to visit though.