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Saturday, July 28, 2018

Eye doctor and a bar b q in memory of a special lady

Friday morning i set the alarm for 0400.  Had our tea and coffee, visiting with blogging friends and then time to get ready.  I made egg sandwiches for the road and about 0630 we ate them.  Ken's appointment was at 0830 but we like to make sure we leave enough time for breakdowns, or flat tires etc.  
Our beautiful sunrise in Yerington..

Fires from CA are sure affecting the air quality..you should
see mountains there..

We were out of the doctor's office about 0930 with the diagnosis of glaucoma for Ken and a surgery date of 8/20.  The dr told Ken that the surgery will only take about 3 to 4 minutes. It's a laser surgery so recovery is minimal, other than a headache.  It's done late in the day in Reno so we haven't decided if we'll stay or just drive on home. Glad they're taking care of it and glad that between Medicare and his supplemental insurance we won't have to pay a dime. 

We headed down I80 towards Sacramento. At about 1230 we were trying to decide what to do for lunch and settled on a Chinese place in Rio Linda that Ken had been to when he was working for a living. They lost us when the soup of the day was only egg flower (and it's yucky) no hot and sour.  No schezwan(?) chicken or anything. I ordered chicken and veggies, Ken had the mandarin chicken (deep fried so that's a turn off). Mine tasted like they just flash cooked the chicken, no flavor until I added the hot chili oil.  The beer and wine was good, nice and cold. Oh well, it filled our tummies and off towards the hotel we went. 

The Super 8 we've been to several times and it is what it is. Check in was easy, I had booked a 2 bed room and she kept asking if that's what I want. Well it was the same price as a 1 bed room so I figured why not, the room would be bigger. She offered us a 1 bed suite for the same price so we took it. Very nice room with a wet bar and couch. 

WE spent the rest of the afternoon in the room and I tried the Uber app.  Well, I was trying to schedule the ride for 1745 but it went directly to get someone now to pick us up.  What a cluster, we cancelled one and then it sent another.  Nice to know there's so many available. But for $$ we learned our lesson.  Just wait until 5 min before you want to leave and then enter your address and where you want to go and they'll be there. A nice young man picked us up, and got us to the bar b q.  

A nice time was had, lots of food and several people got to the microphone and spoke of Pam. She was a wonderful woman and the people that showed up proved how very much she was loved.  We saw people that we haven't seen in years. We called for UBER to pick us up and then got to the hotel room just after midnight. 

Waking up late and lazy this beautiful Saturday morning. We planned on seeing Ken's mom and baby Cassidy but as always plans change.  Ken's mom has a hair appointment this am.  Last night it was decided we'll go home highway 50 and stop in and see Dave's place in Polluck Pines.  This is the place he and Pam bought before she was diagnosed with the dreaded C word. Now he's living there by himself. 

We'll head home after that.  We've got plans for a bar b q with our neighbors John and Karen tonight.  

I'll get going, we're headed to the Black Bear Diner for a late breakfast in a bit.  Have a wonderful day! 


  1. I hope loved ones continue to rally around him.

    1. We, as well as many others will continue to be there for Dave. He's a special guy. A big teddy bear wrapped up in grief. He has his work family during the week and many others. Thank you for your comment

  2. As Caro said hopefully friends and family need to continue supporting Dave through his time of Grieving. Being the odd person in a group is quite hard to take and sometimes people are scared to say the wrong thing so avoid contact. Dave needs that support. I know from experience.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the Bar-B-Q.

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you for your words, we as well as many others will continue to be there for Dave, he's all alone in the foothills (other than working) and we can tell he's having a really difficult time.

  3. You have benn busy again and glad Ken can get his eyes taken care of quickly.
    Interesting to hear about your experience with Uber glad that it worked out for you.

    1. Yes we're glad that they're taking care of it so quickly. Don't think it would be that fast if it was in CA. Glad we figured out how to use UBER..not something we need very often, but nice that's it's available.

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