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Monday, July 23, 2018

Home for the last couple of days..

I love this sign that Eric and family got us for Christmas..
Grandchildren complete life's circle of love...so true :)
Daughter in law Cheryl made the flag out of old barn wood
Saturday evening Ken was next door at Joe's place visiting with him and his dad who had come into town from the bay area in CA. I was able to finally get the Yellowstone trip blog up and posted.  Thanks for all the nice comments about the trip! 

Karen from next door (the other side) texted and invited us over for a bonfire. They had a couple of friends from Reno that we had met before that were staying the night.  Ken got home and few minutes later so we took some beer and wine and headed over. We had a really nice visit with them and a great bonfire. We didn't get home until 2300.  We hadn't eaten dinner either, but I've learned my lesson, so off to bed I went. Ken munched on some leftovers. 

We met Joe, Rylee, his dad and Stacey's mom (apparently Stacey had too much fun at a gathering the night before so she was still in bed. haha) at Dini's a little after 0800 for breakfast. Delicious as always and a big Thank you to Susan for buying us breakfast. A quick stop at Raley's and then back home. 

Neither of us felt like doing much and since it was Sunday we just kind of vegged on the couch.  I even took a nap. Later in the afternoon we headed out to the front porch for some interesting weather.  We actually had some thunder and lightning. A few rain drops but not many.  Nice sitting on the front porch swing :) 

Had dinner at a normal time.  Ken had some leftover pork and I had veggie tacos. Watched a movie, but I was falling asleep. Bedtime.
Sun going down Saturday night..

John and Karen have the coolest flag and pole.  It was a downtown
street light in Tonopah so it's really tall..he's looking for
a bigger flag! 

Our flag :)

Monday morning we were up and visiting with our blogging friends at about 0630! What in the world, half the day is gone!  Guess that happens after lots of dreams all night long. It was a nice morning so I went out to the Komfort fifth wheel to put new sheets on the bed and clean it up a bit. Done before it got too hot.  Ken ran to the post office in the flatbed Dodge just to give it a run. I was in the kitchen a lot of the morning trying to get things done before it got too hot.  I made up the salad stuff for lunch and then decided on spaghetti squash with veggies and a light white sauce. Ken will have ground turkey meat with his. 

We got the Jayco hooked up to the MoneyPit (97 Ford) and we'll take that to Winnemucca for the night.  I have the twice yearly blood tests on Wednesday morning. It'll be a quick trip! We'll be back on Wednesday afternoon.  

Our youngest son, Russell and family are up at Lake Shasta with friends for the week. They're staying on a houseboat and friends have a nice boat. Looks like the week is starting out perfect! 

Russell is enjoying I'd say! 

Aaron is too..even though there's no smile :(
Daughter in law Lori (left) and her BFF Jenn
enjoyed Tim and Faith
in concert last night. She's heading to
Shasta with Jacob tomorrow. 

Time for Happy Hour! Have a good night :) 


  1. I forgot that you have a 5th wheel. Does it just stay parked? I don't suppose the Tundra pulls it?
    Tim and Faith, lucky girls!

    1. The fifth wheel is a 24 foot Komfort we bought in 2002..my favorite of everything we've owned. It was totaled by the insurance company several years back after a trip to Winnemucca Dunes when the lippert frame failed. It still looks perfect so we bought it back..and it's hooked up to our septic and water..so a perfect guest house (if we ever get any) haha.

    2. never say never! we might visit one day, if you are ever there when we are! :) 'course, we'll probably have our own 'home' to stay in.

  2. Always busy as usual , but some rtealxing time in between, Nice to get back out again for another tour.

    1. Too busy..I like staying home, but not this week I guess..We'll be at a nice rv park tonight w full hookups so that means a/c! 100+ expected again today.

  3. On Sunday our friend was coming back from Lund NV. He caught a big rain storm in Tonopah. Elva

  4. Yes when the heavens let loose in NV it can seriously cause problems if you're not careful!

  5. Hi, read your last couple of posts and all I can say is wow! What a wonderful memory making trip for your grandsons, you, and Ken. The pictures are breathtaking. Your oldest grandson took quite a hike and I love that he called it "Solitude". The pictures totally convey that feeling. Then a rainbow at home what a perfect closing. I had to chuckle when you wrote "Ken barbecued something" with that crew to feed I am impressed you remembered as much as you did.
    Made me smile to see you in two pictures. Tell Ken good job catching you and snapping the picture.
    Sounds like you are both having a wonderful summer.