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Monday, July 2, 2018

My new bookshelf..heat and memories..

Saturday afternoon we stopped next door to pick up Karen but she had to go to town to pick up her friend from southern Ca so we just headed over to Mike and Janine's place.  There were several couples and families already there. It was a really nice evening getting to meet people that live in the same area. We've been here five years and really only know very few.  Janine cooked up quite a spread, hand made burger patties and so many sides you couldn't fit it all on your plate! 
When I was working I would go on trips with my volunteers
a couple of times a year. One of our trips was to Florida and
Key West.  We took a sunset cruise and Al captured this pic..
Great memories! 

We stayed a few hours and when we left we stopped over at Karen's and met her friend Linda who's staying the week with her. We ended up outside at the fire pit and you know how that goes. We got home later than planned..hah

Sunday morning once we got going we decided to bring in the new bookcase and get it set up. We found my books out in the tuff shed. I had some fun reminiscing while setting the books up. 
My new bookshelf :) Fit's perfectly on the wall..
 When I was 5 my family was living in Union Park, FL.  I had just started first grade, there was no kindergarten.  We were shopping and I wanted this book (after all I was 5 all grown up and learning to read).  My mom bought it for me and after that I was hooked on Donna Parker. I ended up with all 7 books in the series and I have the one Special Agent that had two different book covers. Glad to have them in the shelf where they belong. 
Donna Parker A Spring to Remember 

This book was at my Grandma's in Arkansas..all us cousins would
have our baby dolls and then follow the book..:)

How I got this book I'm not sure..but this inscription was inside..
December 25th 1898..In a few years kids won't be able to
read the inscription as many states are not teaching cursive
writing anymore! 

This is the book with the inscription..

Found this book at a thrift store years ago.  This is where I finished
3rd grade after daddy retired from the Air Force and we left Florida.
My 3rd grade teacher has some recipes in there Miss Vivian Meisenheimer.
We called her Miss Vivian..she never left Clarksville, never married and lived
to be 99 years old. Amazing what you can find on the internet!

Getting there

I've got more books somewhere..but I love this
shelf! Good job Ken, exactly what I wanted!
Only took 5 years to get it..haha.

Later in the day I ran to Raley's quickly to get stuff to take to Karen's for dinner. It was so hot she decided to make Asian Chicken Bowls (which were delicious). Karen's sister Heidi and her daughter Natalie are here from southern Ca for the week (that's how Linda got here).  We had a nice visit with all of them, great dinner and then a bit of a fire. 

This morning we had planned on heading to Gardnerville to do some shopping at Walmart but we got a call from our neighbor Joe asking if we'd be home to meet the air condition guys. His a/c was out last night and with these 95 degree temps you have to have it. We changed our plans and waited for them to show up. It was supposed to be near noon, but they arrived  around 1000.  By the time he left it was 1100 and we decided that was too late to get shopping done. So tomorrow it is! 

After lunch I spent the afternoon in the guest bedroom cleaning out the closet. Needed done and now there's more for Goodwill. Ken went and got some filters and sucked out the dirt and dust from Joe's a/c. It was so hot Ken was inside watching some zombie movie when I came out of the back room. 

Ken's bar b q ing some chicken thighs for him while I'm finishing this posting. Veggie burger for me. Nothing too exciting here, but sure am glad we have working air conditioners. 
Bryan and Cheryl had a visitor last night just a few
minutes after Bryan shut the garage door! Scary

Ken's brother Don in TN sent these pictures last week while waiting for the big storm..Luckily their place didn't get any damage. 
Stom clouds coming

Looking at their chicken mansion..

Stock trailer and trailer..all good!

Lewisburg about 15 minutes away..

Have a great evening!


  1. Your books shelve looks perfect thats why it took 5 years to get it done. lol....
    Lucky the storm missed Ken's brother's place.

    1. Thank you! I could have pushed harder to get it done, but what the heck I've got it now. Worth waiting for in my opinion. haha. Yeah Don's been lucky with most of the storms back there.

  2. What a lovely shelf and it fits there perfectly!I remember reading Donna Parker and Trixie Beldon books as a young gal. Loved them! My brother, Bruce, read The Hardy Boys. Did you read Bobbsey Twins too?
    Storms are very photogenic but they are so scary when you see them coming.

    1. Thank you, I do love it. Yes I read both the Bobsy Twins and Trixie Belden too! My mom bought me a whole series of Cherry Ames, she was a nurse so there was flight nurse, emergency nurse etc. I remember she got them at a sale at our elementary school. They all ended up mildewed in the garage in later years :( I still look for them at thrift stores. I agree about the storms too.

  3. Is that a bear at Bryan's? Yikes. And Don's pictures...also scary. Glad everyone is ok. Elva

    1. Yes that's a big ol bear! I think it's the 4th time in 2 weeks and Bryan was able to get a pic w the game camera..

  4. Great bookshelf and it only took 5 years...lol My dad always said it is not the actual doing that takes time it is the planning so you get it right.

    I love that you have those books I remember the Donna Parker books and the Bobsey Twins. Plus, I really like the Nancy Drew Mysteries and I also read the Hardy Boys. In the summer my best friend and I would ride our bikes to the library at least once a week and get the maximum number of books we could borrow then spread blankets and lay outside and read. It was a lovely old library and the children's room was in the basement. Thanks your books in the bookshelf brought back some lovely memories.

    Sounds like you have been enjoying your summer...take care (((hugs)))

  5. Aww Deb, love the library story! Loved reading as a child and still as an adult. Yes we are enjoying! Hugs right back at you!!