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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Not much going on...

Thursday I decided to make some pasilla butter.  I had seen it done on my favorite cooking show Pioneer Woman. It was easy and looked delicious. We were having corn on the cob for dinner so thought "What the heck". The first thing i've made from her that didn't quite do it for us. The butter melted and the peppers just kind of slid off the corn.  I'll save it for later and maybe baked potatoes or something. 

The rest of the day was just hanging out at home. Doing this and that and the day just flew by like they always do. Made a couple of appointments for lab tests end of July and then the dr appointment first week of August. Ken made the service appt for the Tundra for next Thursday. We'll probably take the trailer to Washoe Lake State Park Thursday morning before the appt.  Then we'll head for Reno and a huge Winco shopping for the next week. Friday, if all goes as planned I'll head down the hill to pick up a few grandsons and Ken will head home. 

I made reservations at Thomas Canyon Campground out of Elko for 2 nights the 10th and 11th.  We're pretty sure we'll be heading for Craters of the Moon National Monument and then over towards the Tetons after that. 

Friday was spent at home too. Ken did some work out by the new rocks designating the driveway to the back of the property for our RV friends. I made a batch of Banana and Apple Oatmeal muffins. I was out of applesauce so found a new recipe and it was yummy with coffee and tea this morning. 

Around 1615 we called it quits and sat out by the bunkhouse in the shade. We were going next door to Karen's at 1700 but she wasn't feeling good so had our own. Then later we moved to the front porch until dinner time. We face timed with Ken's brother Don and that was interesting. 

This morning, Saturday we slept until 0645 which is late for us. At 0715 our neighbor Joe called and asked if we wanted to do breakfast at Dini's at 0815. OK that was a jump out of bed moment and get going. It was nice as we met Stacey, Rylee and Susan too. It was her birthday earlier in the week so it was nice to see all of them. 

Quick trip to Raleys while Ken helped Joe get a conveyer machine from his work that they were getting rid of. I made some spinach dip to take to a party we're going to later this afternoon and now I'm lazy! I'm just going to relax until it's time to go. 

Have a great rest of the day! 

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