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Saturday, June 23, 2018

The boys made it...ATV ride and a trip to the lake today!

Thursday I spent part of the day getting ready for the boys to show up. We expected them around 1800 or so. Made them some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and threw some chicken breasts in the crockpot for some pulled chicken sandwiches when they arrived. 

Seth and the boys made it!

I stained my new shelf that Ken made a few times during the day with the steel wool and vinegar solution I had found on Pinterest. Works well.  Later in the day we decided to try using the propane torch and burning some of the wood that didn't take the stain. I love the way that looks. Next is a coat of shellac, sanding and then doing it again. Should be in the house after one more sanding and shellacking (is that really a word?)..
Before the vinegar/steel wool solution

During the solutions...
After burning and some shellac..

The boys arrived not too much later than expected, traffic was terrible as they got closer to Lake Tahoe. Seth did a great job driving with the boys and his first time as a licensed driver :)

Some showers, dinner etc.  Aaron wanted to sleep in the bunkhouse so we set his stuff out there. 
The bed moved to the middle of the bunkhouse looking
for wi fi..haha.

breakfast/ brunch?! and of course phone in hand

Yesterday morning (Friday) I got up around 0600 or so started the coffee and then I headed to the bunkhouse just to look in the window. No Aaron, the bed had been moved, shoes on the floor but no kid. I went inside and swept the area where he had moved the bed (might as well, right?) The mystery was solved when Seth was the first to get up, apparently Aaron went out and then found the wi fi didn't reach (haha) priorities right?!  So back inside and then he was in Mason's room on the pullout chairs we bought for them when we first moved here. 
Ken got the Yakima on top of Patriot for our upcoming trip
in July and he washed her..

Breakfast, brunch, lunch what ever you want to call it was done about 1200 for all the boys. Ken and I had salad about 1300 and then he proceeded to get the quads filled with gas for a long ride. I was going to ride with Seth in the Jeep. 

We headed out and up on a trail I've never been on. The goal was an old mining operation but eventually the trail we were following basically ran out. Great ride anyway.  Seth checked his elevation app and we found we had gone about 1600 foot in elevation. 6020 feet! Stopped for a break and then we headed back down. 
Ready to ride the BLM..

Mason does really clutch on that one..

Aaron on the 700

We're overlooking the Mason Valley

Aaron having fun

See the road down below?! Lot's of ATV trails here

Seth's jeep at the top



Ken took the cart thinking he'd pick up some rocks to bring
back, but because of the roughness of the trail..(and it was) his sideboards
literally fell apart and bounced out..all that was left was one 2x4..

My view..

Dusty driving..

Once we arrived about 1630 the boys were hungry (imagine that). Sandwiches all around for them.  We made homemade pizza for dinner which turned out delicious. Of course with their late lunch, they didn't eat as much as I thought they would. oh well, leftovers. 

We invited the boys out back to watch the sunset, but no one joined us. They decided to stay in their room and play video games. They seemed to be enjoying from the laughter. I got a few pics of the sunset on my phone, but they're not transferring this am..will try later. 

Before you know it, time for bed for us old people. Have no clue when the boys went to bed.  

Saturday, 0500 we're up and enjoying reading what our blogging friends are up to. I'm going to run to Raleys this morning and get a few things. We're attempting to head for Lake Lahontan later this morning. It's huge this year, so we'll see if we can find a place for the boys to cool off and enjoy the day there. Hoping there's a swimming beach somewhere. So best get going. Time is flying these days! 

Ken brought the cabover and hooked it to the Tundra so
we'll be comfy today at the Lake. 

My ride with Seth...he's a good driver I'll tell ya!!

Have a wonderful day...we'll check in later!


  1. You are keeping busy and having too much fun with the boys. Enjoy your camping trip.

  2. Looks like you are keeping busy with the boys.
    Enjoy your day at the beech
    Stay Safe!

    It's about time.