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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Great time at Bridgeport and now we're back home!

Monday morning I got breakfast sandwiches ready for the kids then Seth and I ran to town to get gas for him and a few things at Raley's. Back home and we were out of here just about 1100. WE got to Bridgeport just a little before 1300. Lower Honeymoon Flat Campground was totally full/reserved. Across the street to Upper Honeymoon Flat and we found a spot. They had a couple of empty ones left. The nice thing is this campground is still first come first serve sites. 
On our way ...near Sweetwater Summit

We were surprised it looked so smoky..

Bridgeport Lake is so full!

We got set up and the boys went fishing for a bit.  It was definitely hot over there.  The sun is so intense and the sky so blue and the mountains are just awesome, one of my favorite places in the world. :)  Got together a tuna fish lunch and then we sat on the side the trailer in the shade. I had my kindle and then couldn't keep my eyes open and had a little nap. The boys came back and joined us and had a late lunch. Then they decided to try fishing once again minus Mason. Seth caught one and threw it back. 
Aaron and Mason getting poles ready


Our view from the campsite..just can't get enough of that

Ken bar b q ued some awesome hamburgers and I made some oven fries. It was too windy to have a fire so we just enjoyed the night on the less windy side of the trailer. Eventually we got the boys set up on the reclining chairs and a cot. We had a tent set up but they wanted to sleep outside. 
Yes, there was bacon for the burgers..He started them here and
moved them to the bar b q

3 of my favorite grandsons..Aaron, Seth and Mason

The sun is setting

Yesterday morning (Tuesday) it was cool enough we let the heater run a cycle in the trailer. No internet, so no visiting with our friends. After a cup of coffee Ken took his 2nd one out and started a fire. No wind. Funny how at 0600 you need the heater and a fire and by 0900 you're hot and trying to avoid the sun! The boys got up and wanted french toast, bacon and eggs. Your wish is my command..hah.  Love the new Blackstone Grill we got, it holds lots of food at one time and the more we use it the more non stick it's becoming. 
Looking out the trailer window..they're still sleeping..

Squirrel...Really it's chicken breast, but the story got started how
Ken killed a squirrel and cooked it up yesterday morning. Aaron and
Mason believed it until this morning..

Got this little cooker from Eric for Mother's Day, cooks quickly
and delicious! It would make a really nice sausage patty in

Cooking over the fire

Seth, Aaron and Mason going fishing..

The boys took off in Seth's Jeep and headed for the lake to try their hand at fishing. No luck but they were gone a couple of hours. After a bit they headed out again down the road.  Ken and I ran to the little store up the road to get some ice. I picked up the stuff for "Smorfs"..(Smores)..Then we took a drive to the end of the road, just because we like looking at the beautiful Twin Lakes. Not too long after we got back the boys came back and it was time for a late lunch. Seth caught a good sized trout and threw it back, not many fish caught this trip. 
Mountains near the lake

The water is so clear and beautiful 

We found where the kids were fishing..

Beautiful river..

The end of the road..Private campground and marina

Ken started a fire in the evening and bar b q ued some more burgers, chicken and a couple of hot dogs. YUM! I had made potato salad earlier in the day, so we enjoyed our dinner. Then ice cream and smorfs for dessert. 
Aaron and Seth taking a nap..

They're awake!

Mason resting..



Mason and Aaron..

The tent that got used for storage..

Last night's dinner cooking..

This morning it was bacon, pancakes and eggs for the boys. Again the Blackstone was wonderful. Ken set up a little outside kitchen for me so it kept the mess from inside. Once breakfast was done the boys loaded the Jeep and off they went.  I heard this afternoon that they made it home safely. Always good to know. 

We hung around a bit, took showers and washed dishes etc. We were home just about 1300. It's 99 degrees as I write this, so I'm glad we did a lot of the work at the campground. I was able to get the boys rooms cleaned and some things put away here at home.  

Looking forward to the next trip with the grandsons in July! 

Not sure what's in store for the rest of the week, so guess we'll see. Have a great evening! 


  1. What a beautiful area. Loved the pictures. Elva Shannon

    1. Thanks Elva! It is so beautiful, you guys should go..even if you don't want National Forest there are two full hook up places down the road. Glad you enjoyed the pics!

  2. You are having a wonderful time there with the boys.
    I would love that Blackstone, sure miss the grill I cooked on in my restaurant,and you are right, the more you use it gets seasoned like a cast iron pan. keep having too much fun there.

  3. Love my time with those boys, before you know it they'll be too busy for Grandma and Papa. Yes we are loving the Blackstone gotta say.

  4. What handsome young men.....and Ken too!! You are blessed Shirley!
    Looks like a wonderful camping trip. I see the Blackstone was doing double duty keeping those young fellas fed.
    We've been very busy with our G Kids too, but they are 4, 6 and 8 so our activities are mostly playground and beach related but still just a ton of fun!
    Sorry we haven't posted much lately. No internet connection at our campground and have to borrow the kids when we get to their houses.
    Cheryl says hi!!

    1. Oh so good to hear from you Dave! I've been watching for updates, but figure no news is good news! We are very blessed with those kids and 2 more! Wish we were going to see you guys this winter! How's the land hunt going? Tell Cheryl HI too! Look forward to your next update!

  5. What fun times you have with the boys. No wonder they love coming to spend time with you two. You are pretty cool grandparents. :)
    And that doesn't even touch on how well you feed them. Sleeping outside, brave boys! :)

    1. We love having them and hope to spoil them a little when we have them. They're all getting older so we know it won't be forever. Yeah we've got a tent or two for them, but they like outside.

  6. What great looking grand kids. Plus, they are lucky to have such special grandparents to be spoiled by.
    The views are beautiful the lake, the river, and the mountains. I can see why you love it there. Definitely a wonderful place to enjoy.


    1. Thanks Deb we do love the time we get to spend with them. Bridgeport is a wonderful place so beautiful and only about 80 miles from our house which makes it awesome! hugs to you too!