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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Home the last couple of days and Adam came to spend the night

Monday morning after breakfast and visiting with friends I ran up to Scolari's to pick up a few things for the next few days.  Raleys grocery stores has bought out most of the Nevada Scolari's so the store would be closing at 1700 on Monday night and not reopening until Thursday morning. Lots of the shelves were empty but I was still able to spend a good amount of money. Raleys did pick up most of the people who work at Scolari's so it's nice that people didn't lose their jobs due to the takeover. 
Our beautiful sunrise...

Ken got the mud flaps on 

Adam arrived about 1630 after taking the scenic route and stopping to take pictures on the way over.  I was ready, had made him a sandwich before he got here.  He's always hungry when he first gets here! lol..

We visited awhile. He was having Ken take a look at his brakes on his car while he was here.  By the time he got here, it was too hot so that would happen Tuesday morning. Dinner was turkey burgers for him and me and Ken had the last of his leftover chicken. 

Eventually we all retired to bed. 

Yesterday morning we had a leisurely breakfast with Adam wanting waffles and eggs. Ken pulled apart the brakes and discovered they are fine.  Apparently squeaking is pretty common on the Patriots. They definitely sounded better when he left.  About 1200 or so he had another sandwich and then took his quad out for a spin up the mountain. He pulled out of here a little after 1300. 
He was headed to  Reno to check Sheels for some hiking shoes and pants. While he was here he made plans with a friend to head for Yosemite for 2 or 3 nights in a couple of weeks. After Reno he planned on headed towards Lake Tahoe for the scenic route home.  The kid is a gypsy for sure! :) 
He's a smiler Patsy! 

Bye Adam, see you soon! 

I put clean sheets on in the bunkhouse and just did some general cleaning. Ken and I met back in the living room and watched a movie, Annabelle, not too bad. It was just too hot to be outside.  Once it cooled a bit, we went to the front porch and he bar b q ed some of the turkey burgers and they were delicious. 

This morning (Wed) was another at home day. Ken ran the Dodge to town to pick up some beer. Nice being home once again. Tomorrow that all changes. Ken has his surgeon appointment in Carson City at 1230 and we have an appointment for the 08 Jeep Patriot there too. We have the Lifetime Power Train warranty on that Jeep that they offered for a few years. Every 5 years you have to take it in for inspection or the warranty is voided.  So we figured might as well get two things done instead of one.   Ken's quad needs a new battery so Batteries Plus will see us too. 

It's clouding up outside and it's very warm, so now we're inside with the a/c on. We'll be trying to figure what to do with the kids in July when we're hoping to have all 5 boys. Last year was Great Basin and Cave Lake. While Adam was here we checked out a few places and geez everything is packed. Kings Canyon, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon...so we're back to the drawing board. Time for a drink and see what we come up with. :)

Congratulations to our Great Nephew Marcus!  He graduated high school on Monday! 

Tony (dad) Marcus and Denise (mom)

Marcus and his sister Isabella..

Have a good evening! :)


  1. Okay, that's it! Adam has officially stole my heart with his beautiful smiles! :)
    Sounds like a whirlwind visit but a good one. You have a lot of plans in the works as does he. You'll come up with the perfect July adventures with the boys.
    Hope you get some relief from the heat. You can send a wee bit over here. :)

    1. I replied yesterday and it's gone..but thank you! I love the fact that he'll just get in the car and drive over for just a night! When I took his pic..the first one he said, Oh don't use that, I'm not smiling! I said Oh Patsy will love that! WE've got the dates locked down now just figuring where to go.

  2. Nice to have Adam visit and Ken checking out his brakes that are still good.
    Will be nice to get out and about with the 5 boys somewhere.
    Love Turkey Burgers our favourite.

    1. Glad the brakes were good too and really happy they'll be easy to change when they're not good anymore. Those burgers are yummy!