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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

A day at home getting things done

Woke up this am at 0500 after a restless night's sleep. Got our coffees and muffins and settled in to visit with our blogging friends and see what everyone was up to.  I had the flourless peanut butter muffin.  It was delcious, hard to believe no flour at all.  I would add some chopped apple next time or even blueberries just to brighten the flavor a bit.  Ken liked his morning glory muffins too. 
Grandson Seth started his senior year of high
school today!

Grandson Mason started 8th grade today :)

After getting up and around I had a date for an hour or so with the hula ho.  Better exercise than the treadmill for sure!  A shower and I was ready to start the day. Made some egg beaters with mushroom and green chiles for me. Eggs with olives for Ken. Yum. 

Grandson Adam took a hike last week and sent me these pictures. They were so pretty I had to share!  This was on Highway 50 at Horsetail Falls near Twin Bridges, CA.  Of course he didn't take anyone with him.  He said he doesn't like talking to people when he hikes.  He'll visit with others but if you take a friend they always want to talk :) Silly boy!  

Beautiful isn't it?!!

Ken ran next door to let Jack out and start some watering next door. Then his project was to get the Jayco from next door (we had it parked there to make it look like people are home).  Brought it home and got it dumped and reparked at our place.  Then his project for the afternoon was to unload the rest of the railroad ties near a storage building we've got. A hot and not so easy job! 

I decided it was time to give the frig a good cleaning and re organizing. A lot of things that we're just not going to eat anymore got thrown out.  Time to work on the cabinet where I keep cereal, oatmeal, etc. A lot of that got dumped too. You don't realize how many carbs are in different things until you start looking at the labels. So out they went.  I don't eat a lot of cereal but once in awhile I like Special K or Corn Flakes. Not anymore. LOL..Now i've got more space for whatever.  

Lunch was our usual salad bar here at home.  

After lunch Ken went back outside to continue unloading those ties. Now it's 1720 and he just came in whipped! 

I decided to start working on a couple of Christmas pillows for the front porch. I won't put them out yet, but it was time to get a head start. :) Now it's time to get some more material.  

Ken bar b qued last night some pork but we forgot we've got a couple of big Portabella mushrooms that need cooking they've been marinating for a few days. Guess we'll head outside to get that done and then Happy Hour with our buddy Jack. 

Have a great evening. 


  1. It is nice getting things done around home and always relaxing , except for Ken moving those heavy ties.

    1. He finally got done moving them, think he'll be looking for something easier to do today..haha

  2. Okay, email me your peanut butter muffin recipe, please!! I have to try it for Bill! :)
    Sounds like you've been enjoying some home time and getting things done.
    Love days like that, I feel I deserve a rest after them. :)

    1. I will do that Patsy! You don't even taste the peanut butter, like I said next time I would add blueberries or diced apple to sweeten them a bit. yeah love being at home!

  3. Ken needs to click the link on my name.

    1. It works,the Menu has all the product info.

    2. Oh Don! You kill me!! I'll show him :)