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Friday, August 24, 2018

Home and then today to Fallon, NV and the Cantaloupe Festival

Thursday, waking up at 0300 when you can't breathe is just not a good way to start the day. Allergies have been horrible this summer, I feel like I've had a 3 month cold! So over it! So I just laid there until 0500 and it was time to get Ken up and have some coffee, muffins and  visiting with our friends online. 

Once I got myself out of bed it was a date with the hula hoe.  I know going outisde to hoe ragweed probably isn't the smartest thing but it beats the treadmill and I get something good accomplished.  Spent an hour and half this morning while it was cool. That doesn't mean I was cool though..hahha. 

Ken dug some more on the electrical going to the bunkhouse. He was able to get about 20 more foot dug! This week he's been watering and other stuff next door it's been like having 2 houses to take care of but he doesn't mind a bit!   

It was funny last night while we were enjoying Happy Hour with Jack, Ken brought out some treats for him to get him in his kennel for the night.  Well, guess Ken was too nice, because by the time Ken was on the real treat to get him in, Jack was full and wouldn't go into the kennel.  Jack won! Tonight Ken's not going to be so free with the treats..haha. 

After working in the yard this am, had a shower and then we were both hungry, it was time for breakfast. 0830 I made some eggs for Ken and egg beaters for me. 

I decided to make some pork enchiladas for Ken and a veggie one for me. I was out of enchilada sauce so got online and found a 5 min enchilada sauce mix. No sodium yay because I had a can of no sodium diced tomatoes. So easy and spicy as you add jalapeƱo! Mix it in a blender, cook it for a few minutes and done! Got them cooked this afternoon so we just heat them tonight after Happy Hour with Jack. Coleslaw is made too for him. Me, guess it will be a salad, or not. 
Ken's pork enchiladas

My veggie mess..but it was delicious!

Lunch again was salad, I make mine up ahead and then Ken chooses from the salad bar.  I'm getting good at carb counting. 

Hung out some clothes and just general "at home" stuff. :)  I need to make up some banana bread mix and then i'll throw it in the oven in the morning. Bananas are looking pretty bad, so the bread should be sweet. 

We headed over to visit with Jack for a bit and Ken got him into the kennel no problem. Home for our dinner and it was really tasty.  
Ken and Jack

We had a beautiful moon last night

Sunset from Jack's house

Today, Friday we decided to head over to Fallon, NV and visit the Cantaloupe Festival that started yesterday.  We've been several times but the most notable was when we saw our little bunkhouse and decided we just needed to have it. I made salad for me and a tuna sandwich for Ken to have for lunch after we finished.  

About 0630 this am Ken exchanged 18 eggs for a little 8 1/2 year old girl!  Little Rylee from next door came over for a bit and we were meeting up with her Grammy Susan a little later for breakfast. Joe had to work and Rylee's mom Stacey had gone to Reno to see Justin Moore in concert!  Gotta admit he's my Arkansas boy but the ticket prices were just too steep for me. Rylee had a piece of banana bread just out of the oven. We met Susan at 0815 and had a nice breakfast along with a good visit.  

We came home, loaded the truck and headed out! It's a little over an hour from here and a beautiful drive. Usually there's not much traffic but there was quite a bit today. We got into the fairgrounds and it wasn't too crowded.  We walked around and after about 45 minutes it was time to go. We won't be back. $8.00 a person (which I know doesn't sound like a lot) but very few vendors and nothing else to see. Oh well, that's how it goes. 
This was right before about 100 kids descended on the


As close as we could come to Farmall...mostly John Deere

This was a beautiful quilt!

Looking close the squares were about an inch and a half and
smaller..I could never have that much patience!

We headed to the little antique store Just Country Friends that we like on Main Street.  We looked around and I found some 2 old tv trays with cowboys on them. We'll  take the trays off their stands and hang them in the bunkhouse .  Then we headed over to a new annex that's been open for about a year. I found 4 Christmas glasses, that look like they'll be perfect for egg nog! Happy Camper here!  

Just about 1300 so we headed back to the park and found a place in the shade to eat our lunch. Then it was time to head home which is where we are now. 
Towards downtown Fallon..

This little city has it all..and traffic too! 

One more night of Happy Hour with Jack and his humans will be home tomorrow. I think he'll miss us and we'll miss Happy Hour with him.  Weather is better as far as temperature finally.  The mornings are cool which is nice! 

Have a good evening! 


  1. Nice to get some more things done. Counting carbs eventually become second nature keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you George..I told Ken i'm really enjoying the recipes and challenges to this lifestyle. He's along with me, but doesn't have to be so strict..all his numbers are good.:)

  2. You had a couple of great Happy Hours and visits with Jack. He sounds like good company. :)
    I'm sure I'll see your cowboy tv trays in place soon. It's fun decorating the bunk and outhouses. I almost bought a couple of things at Value Village for ours but restrained.
    sorry about your allergies, kiddo. That must be nasty!
    Glad your weather is a bit cooler for you.

    1. Yeah Jack is a sweetie, and I really think he looked forward to us coming every night. The cowboy trays and glasses will be shown on the next post as they were still in the truck when I posted. The allergies do suck. I never had any until 2 years ago or so, but now it seems it's a yearly thing!

  3. I presume to early hours are when you get most of your outdoor chores completed.
    That food looked tasty and I'm certain more than filling. Trying to teach Kathy to make smaller portions.
    Jack will miss you but will appreciate any future visits.
    Most Fairs are busiest the second to last day. You might have lucked out missing the large crowds.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Rick I'm outside as early as I can usually by 0700. Too warm in the afternoon for sure. The dinners last at least 2 days or more I try to make smaller but somehow, it never happens haha. We actually saw Jack again last night and his humans too. We usually try to go on the first day or so, to avoid the crowds especially on a weekend!