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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

25 tons of rock and a wine delivery

Tuesday morning the alarm was set for 0430 as we were headed to Reno for Winco and Wine and Spirits.  We normally would take the Jayco and stay at Washoe Lake State Park, but with all the smoke and heat we decided to make it a  one day trip. 

I was getting up to make coffee and noticed the email from AOL telling me the wine I ordered would be delivered sometime Tuesday! That was quick as I ordered it Friday, the company didn't open until Monday and it would be delivered Tuesday.  Change of plans!  We'll stay home and head for Reno on Wednesday.  Because it's alcohol, someone over 21 has to sign and receive the wine. 

We did our morning thing...visiting with friends online, coffee, tea and then treadmill, exercises and eventually breakfast (Yes)..

Around 1000 Ken had been outside, he came in and told me the bunkhouse was out of level.  WE basically sit on a sand base and with all the winds whipping around the sand had eroded in places, which makes the door hard to close.  He worked at leveling it up and then said he wanted to order 2 belly dumps of rock. This is something he's been wanting to do for the last few years, so I said "Ok". He called Cinderlite and they said they'd be out sometime the same day! 

Few hours later (if that) I looked out the kitchen window and there's our rock. Ken had him dump some at our new driveway he's making between the two big rocks and then move out back to near the bunkhouse.  25 tons sounds like a lot, but sure doesn't look like it.  Even though Ken said after moving some yesterday afternoon, it's a lot!  He's putting it under the bunkhouse all the way to the girders that are under.  We're in the market for some railroad ties to put all around then. His project, so whatever he wants! LOL..
Ken and the Cinderlite guy deciding where to drop some

Back by the bunkhouse

The rest of the 2nd load a nice pile..looks like a lot of work
to me..

He worked for a few hours in the 100 degree heat and then said "I'm whipped" took a shower and then we were inside. 

Realxed a while and then I saw a vehicle up and down the road, and eventually they found us with my wine! Put a bottle in the freezer for later. 
My organic wine from Revel Wines

Our middle son, Eric called and talked with Ken for awhile and then we headed outside as Ken was bar b q ing a burger for him and a turkey burger for me. Both were yummy.  I made some baked fries mainly for him, I had a couple. 

I have to tell you I've drank a lot of Chardonnay in my days..haha.  This wine is organic, nothing added.  Apparently in the US winemakers can add up to 300 different additives that are ok with the FDA. One of them of course, is sugar.  The difference right away with this wine from Revel Wine is the taste.  Crisp and definitely not as sweet. I love it, so I have to drink slowly as this wine is definitely more costly than my box I usually buy.  
Some of the work Ken did yesterday..Rock is going under
the bunkhouse and then railroad ties. 

Rock going round, then it will go between the bunkhouse
and outhouse and at the front of the bunkhouse. 

Ken and I have been married almost 46 years.  We have found over the years that separate checking accounts works best for us.  Ken needs to balance his checkbook every few days or so, me I've never balanced my checkbook.  I get online to see what my balance is or years ago just call the bank. See why this works better, avoids a lot of arguments. haha.. Anyway my point is when we were talking about the wine he offered to buy me every other box from the winery. He did buy a lot of my box wine too I have to say, usually more than me. Thanks honey. :)
A special glass of wine in a special glass.  The glass I got 3 years
ago at West Point attending our niece Chelsea's graduation
from West Point :) Notice the color of the wine is much
lighter than my other wine. I'm a happy camper. 

I heard yesterday afternoon from Deb D and Patsy on FB.  A nice chat, but the outcome is we'll look forward to spending time with all this winter in Quartzite once again and of course anyone else who's there!  

Up at 0430 this am doing our thing and now getting ready to head to Reno for the day.  103 degrees expected there and about the same here.  So done with this heat!!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. That's a lot of handwork on the bunk house gravel, and the driveway out by the road still has to be done.

    Ken needs a tractor for your place. It makes for much better work days. You'd be surprised at how much you would use it, and how much use your neighbors would get out of you and it lol.

    1. A tractor would be nice, but not in the budget i'm afraid.

  2. I'm like Ken. I balance the checkbook every few days. Jerry stays away from the checkbook...he just spends money. LOL. You actually went to a West Point graduation? That's awesome. My nephew graduated from WP and is now a 2 star general. His son also graduated from WP. I never would have dreamed of attending but I did get to see the 2nd graduation on the Internet. Just seeing the graduation on the internet was great. Enjoy that wine! Elva

    1. Yes it was wonderful and definitely something to see! WP is a beautiful campus. I am enjoying the wine, probably more than I should haha.

  3. I just enlarged your pictures and I was giggling. That truck driver has the typical truck driver shape....hee hee. Elva

  4. Nice project will keep Ken Busy with that gravel for a while. After 46 years whatever works is good for you guys.

  5. Well, all else aside, the wine delivery is certainly worth staying home for! Good for you, researching. I'm not much of a wine drinker so all I can do is consider cutting back on the mixes for rum and vodka. Hmmm, there must be another way! ha!
    The bunkhouse is so cute! Great job Ken is doing with the gravel. We want to put a railing up on Bill's shed porch but maybe just on the ends so there is more room to get in and out of the chairs. Hmmm.

    1. Woops! Forgot to say "wow" to the 46 years!! Are you really old enough? Must have got married at 12. ;D

    2. Actually it was my doctor giving me the names of 2 different wineries to look at..she's a wealth of info. We were thinking of adding a little leg to the front of the porch on the bunkhouse, to make the front porch bigger, because i agree in order to have enough room for a nice chair I'd leave the front porch open and put railings on the side. I was 16 and he was 20 when we tied the knot..so not quite 12...hahah

  6. Congrates on the 46 years but tell Ken to take it easy in that heat.
    We used to have Wine Racks stocked up in our House but with Medical Restrictions for Kathy and our Fulltime Lifestyle we are keeping it simple.
    Planning on moving around this year but should see you in Quartzsite for a while.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  7. Looking forward to seeing you guys this winter too! For years I've drank wine out of the box but now will try this organic and see how I do.