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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

We're getting closer!

Got the day going yesterday and Ken got working on the outhouse.  He finished caulking around the toilet bowl and hooking it up to the water line.  Then he got to making the door.  

I ran to Scolari's for a few veggies and stuff.  I had a coupon for Family Dollar if you spent $25.00 you get $5.00 off..well couldn't find anything other than some Christmas gift bags a 10 pack for $5.00 so that was it.  Got our veggie and dip lunch ready and at 1300 Ken came in for a quick lunch.  

Back outside to finish working on the door.  He was actually impatient enough that he got it done (mostly) and hung.  He'll have to take it back down today as he's going to go ahead and insulate it and put another plywood skin on the inside.  Figure the rest of the outhouse is insulated, so better carry on with the door.  It looks good and i'm thinking today we may be done. 
The door in progress..

He's got it hung, but needs to finish the bender board down low
and he wants to insulate the door. That way the whole
outhouse will be insulated and hopefully pipes won't freeze..

This will look different this afternoon..

Love the hinges and handle (thanks to our friend George)

I changed the linens in the cabover and added a festive (meaning Christmas) quilt to the decor..hahah..I also switched our bedding to flannel. Then I got started on painting a corner shelf to hang by the sink for liquid soap etc.  I did another shelf to hold extra rolls of toilet paper.  These are shelves we've had since late 80's and early 90's when the boys were in high school woodshop.  We've also got a towel holder, Eric made then too, got a broken piece so Ken will glue it up and it'll hang in there too for a hand towel.  Glad to be able to use these treasures now.  I've got 3 shelves all the same, (well a little different) that hang in rooms of the house that each of the boys made. 
I have 2 of these shelves..not sure where the 3rd one is..

3 of these..this in the boys room..


guest room..a little different..

This shelf to be repurposed..This one made by Russell in 1993.

This one too..

A little red paint..the other is gray..and hoping to distress a bit..

Yesterday's temp started out at 22 degrees and rose to about 54. In the sunshine it was nice but you had to have a sweatshirt + on all day.  

Ken made a nice fire in the wood stove and we enjoyed the evening.  Leftovers and salad for dinner and off to bed about 2100.  Thought we'd watch some tv, but that didn't last long. 

Waking up this morning (Tuesday) am I ever glad I put flannel sheets on the bed! 18 degrees outside.  Ken's got the fire going  in the living room and it's clear skies outside.  On to see what the day brings. 
Our sunrise this am on the mountains

The fire this morning..we needed it..

Frost on the truck..

Out the back door this am..my little outhouse..:)..It'll be even
better this afternoon! 

Have a great day everyone!   

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  1. You have the perfect little corner for company with their own bunky and washroom. Love the personal touches.
    Brrr that is chilly. I'm a wimp in the cold, that's why we're here.
    Yay! the outhouse is soon done.