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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

A great Doctor's appointment and a wonderful afternoon...here in Winnemucca!

Yesterday (Tuesday) we did our running around here in Winnemucca. It was quick though, not many places to go.  Walmart, one of our quicker stops then on to Big R and Ron's Seed and Feed.  Ken got a pair of double kneed Carhartt pants there for a good price.  Then we had time to kill and came back to the trailer for a bit.  

Todd Hoffman and his crew of Gold Rush were in Big R yesterday.  Guess we missed them by a couple of hours but one of our friends got a photo op with him. Apparently, they're in Winnemucca looking to purchase some land. 
Tom on the left, Todd on the right

1130 was my appointment and all was good!  Cholesterol numbers were great along with the sugar  that tests for diabetes.  Those numbers were climbing and I'm proud to say it was 89!  109 is where you start to worry and mine was as high as 103.  It runs in our family, and is something I definitely don't want.  So all good for the next 6 months! 

After that we came back to the trailer and headed over to wingers for a celebratory lunch.  Ken had the chicken sandwich and fries, and I had their sticky fingers wrap and fries which was delicious! Too much, so half came home for dinner.  I had a glass of wine and Ken had a tall Icky.  

We came back to the trailer and watched a movie called "Why Him" cute movie but a lot of the F word.  Passed the afternoon, as it was too cold to go outside! 

We had leftovers from home and Ken ate my leftover lunch for dinner.  Some more tv watching and then bedtime.  I put flannel sheets on and am glad I did.  

This morning, (Wednesday) up at 0500 for coffee and computing. Ken ran to the bank and returning the movie to Red Box while I got ready and then cleaned the trailer. Spent some time buying Christmas gifts online this morning. 

Our neighbor, Joe called last night as he's working at the prison here in the area.  We're meeting for lunch/brunch at Parker T's before we head home and he heads to work. 

Our son, Bryan who lives in Georgetown, CA is dealing with Bug Trees as is most of California.  Periodically, trees just fall down, hoping someone cuts the bigger ones down before they fall.  Yesterday he awoke to 1 downed tree near the chicken coop so he ended up cutting down 4 more and cutting up the 5 trees.  Not what he had planned, but it had to be done.   

Bryan said these are definitely big enough to cause
some damage.  

Adam sent me this picture yesterday of him and Elena.  Figure if he's going to share with me, I have to share with you.  

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