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Thursday, November 2, 2017

More work on the Outhouse!

Tuesday morning we left here and headed for Carson City, dropped off the Tundra and then a visit to Winco in South Reno.  Love that store but tend to go crazy when I'm there.  Their veggies are awesome along with 99% of the staples are cheaper than Walmart.  When I was done there we headed back to Carson City as the Tundra was finished.  Stopped first at our home away from home, Lowe's and picked up some bender board and a few plumbing items Ken needed for the Outhouse.  

It was just about 1300 so we headed over for some Chinese food for lunch and left there with some take home too! Stuffed!  On the way home I felt like I could pull over and take a nap and turns out Ken did too! Just too much lunch I'm thinking. 

So by the time we got home and unloaded groceries a new neighbor Ken had met a few weeks stopped by his name is George and his wife was with him too Cincy.  Very nice 80 year old couple.  He had dropped off a spring and latch for the outhouse. The other day he gave us some hinges.  Nice people.  They're probably a mile or two from here.  

Wednesday morning after our usual morning Ken ran to Tru Value for a few things that Lowe's didn't have.  I made some enchiladas and coleslaw for dinner and got things going around here.  At 0905 the phone rang and it was Social Security.  Talked for a few minutes, gave him my checking account info and the 3rd Wednesday of February I'll start getting some money deposited in my account.  Wouldn't want to have to live on it, but it'll be nice.  Some people wait until they're 65 or older to draw, but we figure you're not guaranteed tomorrow so might as well draw now.  

Ken finished hooking up the sink and now there's running water in the outhouse! 
Then I painted the window trim hoping not to make it so noticeable that it's a new window.  Painted the flooring in the afternoon when Ken was finished!  Looks so good!  Now it's time to pick up the toilet and one more piece of bender board to finish the front.  
At the end of the day yesterday..floor is painted..it is
dark grey even though it looks blue in pic.  curtain hung..
We have running cold water! 

No leaks! 

We need one more piece of bender board to cut up for the front..

Window from painted..

How it looked before..

Today (Thursday) Ken has a dentist appointment in town and then his appointment in Gardnerville with the surgeon at 1230 (was 1340 but they changed it).  Rather than him coming back to get me, i'll just go with him to the dentist and we'll go from there.  Hopefully Lowe's tomorrow! 

Ken had gone to George's the other day and left his phone here.  Get a call, Nevada area code so I answered it.  It was his surgeon calling to apologize for not being able to see him last week because of an emergency surgery.  How sweet!  Nice man.  Of course i told him we understood and no problem. 

Time to get this day going, as I'm sure it's going to fly by.  November 2nd already!  Enjoy your day!


  1. As you hit 'publish' I must have been waiting! The progress of the outhouse is amazing, I'm sure you're getting excited to have it finished. I actually love the look of blue on the floor but I realize the camera plays tricks. No leaks, yay!
    I love enchiladas but Bill isn't keen which is why I can't wait for my first meal out at Chili's. Have a great day!

  2. You too! Love your positive outlook on life!