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Friday, November 17, 2017

Carson City, Gardnerville, CVI and a day at home today!

Got ourselves going yesterday heading to Carson City and Lowe's to pick up the concrete we were short for the sidewalk.  Headed to Gardnerville and Walmart for a few things.  I probably should be picking up more stuff, but just not in the mood for shopping.  Not a good thing, since Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming but oh well it'll get done one way or another.  
Kind of a dreary, cold sky yesterday

After Walmart it was getting to be close to 1300 hours so where else but Carson Valley Inn (CVI) for lunch.  Ken had an awesome chicken sandwich which was huge.  I did their cup of chili and a dinner salad. Perfect.  Out the door along with wine and a beer for under $20.00 with his senior discount.  Nice ride home and I took a nice nap..haha.  
Ken's huge chicken sandwich..looked so good w cheese and bacon!

The stew I had made in the am was smelling wonderful as we walked in the door.  Gotta love a crock pot for days like that.  We had picked up the movie "Bad Mom's" and watched that.  Not a movie to watch with children, but a funny adult movie! 

Easy evening and good stew for dinner then off to bed. 

This morning we awoke about 0500, visited with friends on the blogs and then got the day started.  Ken went outside to pour the rest of the sidewalk and I busied myself in the house.  I made some more broccoli tots as they were so good last time. I ran to Scolari's quickly, dropped off the movie and then picked up a little beer for Ken (gotta keep the crew happy, right?) 

My cousin had sent me a quilt my grandma (on my daddy's side) had made many years ago, guessing at least 60 as she went blind from diabetes when I was little.  Well, I don't know where it has been but it is really stained and stunk up our back bedroom.  Shame, but most of the staining is on the back side which is good.  I took it,  and our Christmas quilt to the laundromat in town.  Grandma's quilt weighs a ton so I knew it would never fit in our machine.  It still doesn't look great, but it smells so much better.  We put it in the sun to dry, so we'll see what happens next.  Love the thought that she made it, but ....

I started to paint the towel holder for the outhouse today, I thought Eric made it in high school, but I can see Bryan made it in the 9th grade which would put it at 29 years old. Ken glued it up and now it's ready to go.  
Towel holder for the outhouse..

Ken got the sidewalk done and it's looking good.  Was a really cold day today and expected to be 18 degrees in the am.  He went out and covered the newly poured concrete as it could pop the top off from the cold.  
The new pour..

We've had a fire going all day as I don't think it warmed past the mid 40's.  Hope you all in the south and south west are enjoying your temps! 


  1. You are getting things done one day at a time. Love slow cookers too.

  2. Can't get over that chicken sandwich! They should have served it in a sub bun. :)
    The sidewalk looks great! I wonder, with your talent for quilting, can you replace the back of your grandma's quilt if that is all that is stained? Maybe it isn't necessary. The memory is what's important. (ps - thank you, we are enjoying the 80's here in the south. When are you coming down?)

    1. I was thinking about putting something on the back..still haven't decided what to do. We're headed that way after Christmas vacation for the grandkids..so close to mid January if all goes as planned :)