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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Getting ready for Thanksgiving and a little quad ride..

Monday morning we headed to Dini's once again.  Joe was off and we thought why not?  Mason likes their number one and then he proceeds to make a couple of egg sandwiches with bacon.  After that we came home and other than me running up to Scolari's for some groceries for Thanksgiving day we were home. 

We see Mason periodically throughout the day, he hangs in the room that's designated for the boys and just seems to be relaxing, talking with friends on his phone and playing video games once in awhile.  He said he just wanted a relaxing few days and he's got it.  

I got some of the dishes ready for Thanksgiving like the spinach dip and prep work for the turkey and stuffing. I baked a ham and got it all cut up.  Thank goodness for the refrigerator in the Komfort fifth wheel, sure comes in handy on days like this.  

I made some baked chicken strips and oven fried french fries for dinner (we did see Mason then..hahah). About 2100 we hit the sack and fell right to sleep.  Of course when that happens I'm awake quite a bit of the night.  

Ken actually started the coffee this am about 0500 and when he turned on the news I woke up. Got the day going with our usual routine. 

I cooked some breakfast and then got going on stuffing the turkey and getting it started. Made some of Pioneer Woman's Restaurant style mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and who knows what else, seems I was in the kitchen all day.  

After our salad lunch we did go out with Mason for a quad ride. He rode mine, I rode Ken's and Ken rode Adam's.  A good ride for an hour or a little better.  It was a beautiful day today probably close to 60 or so.  By the time we got back, the turkey was ready to pull out of the oven. 
Mason and Papa, if you click on the pic you can see how high
we were from our neighborhood.

They're waiting on me..as I was slower..but I was trying to get
a pic!

A beautiful ride :)

Spent some time on that and getting things in the frig.  Tomorrow we'll put it all on ice and head for Rocklin, CA where we have a motel room for 2 nights.  Eric is going to pick up Mason from the motel to go home for a night before Thanksgiving. 

Delina Country Store where we love to go when we visit Don and Dana in TN posted a picture of Delina's girls...love it

 Hope you all have a great evening!  We're on the road tomorrow and looking forward to time with family on Thursday and then a little Black Friday shopping with my sisters on Friday.  


  1. Have too much fun with family for Thanks Giving.

  2. Your Thanksgiving will be wonderful! You are indeed a Pioneer Woman, not just your potatoes! :)
    Fun quad rides and time with family. Enjoy the shopping too! Dont get trampled. :)

    1. Aww..you're too sweet! The way they do Black Friday now, not so many people out there..but I refuse to give up my Thanksgiving day for shopping..Hope yours is wonderful too!

  3. Thnx for getting the word out on the Delina Country Store. It's a great place to stop in our area. The workers really care if the you enjoy your meal and experience.

    Your fellow campers can stay at our nearby campground, the Texas T. (Click on my name, Don.)

    From there it's a short drive to either Nashville or Huntsville. Huntsville has the NASA Space and Rocket Center. Lots to do there at both the Rocket Center and nearby Redstone Arsenal. You can tour Redstone which is the US Space and Missle Command.

    This is all on the way back to Canada for those who will travel there in the coming months.

    1. Don, thanks so much for getting all that out there! We haven't been to the NASA Space and Rocket Center yet, but maybe this next time. I appreciate you putting that out there for our Canadian friends!