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Saturday, October 31, 2020

Another week gone and it's Halloween!

Well, here we are again it's the weekend!  Saturday afternoon and it's Halloween! What did we do all week?! I have no idea generally. haha. Mostly we stayed home which is nice. 
Gotta find a new project for the hubby! This is what happens when he's bored..haha

I woke up one morning to a picture on Facebook of Cabbage Lasagna, it looked so awesome. I asked Ken if he was up to trying something new and he said, "Sure". Oh it was as delicious as it looked! I used ground turkey and ground turkey sausage for the meat and then you layer all the goodness with cabbage leaves! Seriously, give it a try you don't miss the noodles. :) 
Cabbage Lasagna. Delicious! I'll be making this one again!

Friday was spent making a few things to take over to John and Karen's this evening. Halloween is her favorite holiday and boy have they gone all out with the decorating. (Pictures next blog) 

I made a jalapeno popper cheese ball to take. Never in my life have I made a cheese ball but I think this one will turn out yummy. Coated in nacho cheese crushed Doritos. White chicken chili to go in the crock pot. This morning I'll bake some cookies too.  Tomorrow we'll join the whole gang for breakfast so I'm contributing a bacon egg casserole and Karen's making some too. As always there will be too much food haha. 
Jalapeno Popper Cheese Ball coated in crushed Doritos.. All  low carb except the chips..
White Chicken Chili...definitely not low carb! 

We did venture into Ross earlier this week. Dressing rooms are still closed so no clothes shopping for me.  I tried to get into looking at toys, but just wasn't into it. I did find a few kitchen things.  Oh well, doesn't hurt to hang onto my $$ for a bit LOL. 

Since our grandkids are all too grown to go Trick Or Treating, thought I'd steal my sisters grandkids! ­čśü
Owen and Cassidy's other grandma (My My, that's what they call her)took them took them trick or treating yesterday...
Today at a car show and trunk or treat..my nephew Dusty...quite the outfit!
Owen standing by grandma and grandpa's car...
Cassidy making friends :) 
Chelsea and Owen in front of their truck..Gotta love the color! 

Have a great evening!  



  1. Halloween Fun! That white chicken chili looks amazing. Your pumpkin cheese ball is so cute!! Halloween was always a fun time for us growing up and our kids too. This year was a bit of a bust for kids in our area. Many towns cancelled events all together. While they had people here in our downtown set up and giving out treats, the number that showed up receive the treats was very small compared to previous years. We took a drive around town and we saw a lot of people going to houses - but it appeared they were stopping at individual homes (probably ones they knew) versus going door to door. An interesting year! The cabbage lasagna looks great!

    1. Thank you Cheri! It's always nice trying new things for sure. The governor here in NV and CA tried stopping Halloween altogether, didn't work! Kids were out in droves in our little town. We don't get any here cause we're 7 miles out of town. Seems the little towns all over enjoyed Halloween and I'm glad for that. An interesting year to say the least! :)

  2. Your food looks SO good!! I think anything you put lasagna sauce on would be terrific!! Love the kid's Halloween pictures. Too cute.

    1. Thank you Nancy! Yep, kids and Halloween! I remember the excitement!

  3. Your food always puts mine to shame. question, does Ken normally like cabbage and can you taste the cabbage? Bill doesn't like it at all and wouldn't let me try it. LOL
    Hallowe'en costumes are fun, love the creativity out there!

    1. Ken does like cabbage as in coleslaw. You can't taste it at all, you boil it first for a few minutes and maybe that does it? Yours and Bills names were mentioned when I first brought it up :) Maybe you could make half and half, as I'm sure YOU would like it! Yep always fun to see the costumes!

  4. I love the picture of Cassidy and the little girl. Some families came up with brilliant ideas on how to have fun without having to go trick or treating. Even my two old bachelor friends decorated for Halloween and left bags of candy for kids to pick up. If I ever get an oven I would love to try the cabbage lasagna....just a small one for me.

    1. I'm sure you would love it..Ken really did! Cute story of bachelor friends. Georgetown where Bryan lives was crazy for Halloween! They have a big trick or treat on one street where everyone donates candy. The pictures looked awesome!

  5. Interesting Lasagna.
    Like the way you borrowed your sister's grands. They look cute.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  6. Thanks Rick, hey you gotta do what you gotta do right?! :)