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Thursday, October 8, 2020

126 miles in 2 days..Quick visit from Adam..Home!

Tuesday morning we were up and about fairly early but we weren't ready to leave the campground for our ride until our regular 1100 hour. haha. WE had breakfast at 1000 so we knew we didn't need to take lunch with us.  A couple of water bottles and we were good to go. 

We decided to first head out to the Pumpkin Hollow Mine and see how far that was from the park.  We ride out there all the time from home and it's not far.  Bottom line it's only 13 miles from the park along the huge power line road. We turned around there and then headed out the south end of the park to the road to Aurora and Sweetwater Canyon.  We've been on the road before but not with the Can Am. It was a great ride, but we never did make it to the roads we were looking for as we weren't able to carry extra gas since we had the spare tire in the cargo area. Next time! 

Just follow the power lines! 

Pumpkin Hollow Copper Mine

Too bad these were left to decay...

I love this area of the ride, the way the terrain changes!
That's our road down there! Such a beautiful area of Nevada!
If it wasn't smoky this is my favorite part of the ride! 

Still a great drive! I love driving that thing! In the end of the two days we put 126 miles on it! 113 on Tuesday. 

We got back to camp nearing 1630 and a little later I got a text from Adam asking if we were home.  On one of his days off he took a drive Sonora way and was about an hour from us.  A little later he joined us at camp.  He visited until about 1930 and then decided to head home rather than spend the night. Nice we got to see him for a bit! 

Guess we were on some dirty roads!
This big ol hawk was looking for his dinner!
Adam getting ready to head home..A little dusty from looking under his car..

We had our dinner and enjoyed a nice fire before calling it quits for the night. 

Wednesday morning we took our time getting ready and having breakfast. The park has nice showers available so we took advantage of those every day. No coins required and perfect temperature water! The toy hauler has a wet bath if needed, but the park showers were definitely better!

We had a late breakfast and left there at exactly 1100.  36 minutes we were back home. Good thing as the front porch looked like Christmas deliveries! The new toilet and faucet for the Komfort were there.  The  bumper for the Can Am along with a couple of other items. 

I unloaded the food and clothing while Ken dumped the toy hauler. Looks like there's a problem in the bathroom with the toilet leaking somewhere, I'm sure he'll figure it out :) 

I did some baking. Ken mentioned I made good chocolate chip cookies maybe there's a recipe for almond flour.  There was and they turned out yummy! No sugar added and they're really good.  Peanut butter flourless muffins too.  

Almond flour chocolate chip cookies

I had some good asparagus and mushrooms so I decided a ground turkey meatloaf would compliment nicely. Cooked it up in the afternoon so a quick microwave heating was all it would take. 

After Ken came in about 1700 we went outside for Happy Hour.  I texted Karen and she came over for a bit so of course we had to have a fire. Nice evening.  

This morning (Thursday) not sure what's on my agenda but Ken's got work cut out for him LOL..

Spare tire is on! I don't know why the tire looks so big..but it's the same
size as the tires ...LOL.

Ken spent the day working on the Can Am getting the spare tire on, cleaning it up and cleaning filters. I worked in the house doing general stuff..nothing exciting. A good day to be home. Tomorrow we are heading for Reno and Total Wine for a pick up. Ken's eye drops in Gardnerville and before you know it that day will be done. 

Happy Hour time! 

Have a wonderful evening.  


  1. Pumpkin Hollow Mine! What names. I love it!!
    Nice views on your ride and that road looks like something I would enjoy. :)
    Nice to see Adam for a while and yup, indeed, your Can Am needs a bath.
    almond flour cookies, sounds yummy. ;)

    1. I love the name of the mine too. I think you would like this road not a lot of bumps and rocks. Always nice to see a grandson! They taste just like shortbread chocolate chip cookies!

  2. So many dirt roads, so little time. I always want to drive down them and see where they go. Yes, your Can Am could use a bath, but oh the fun!!

    1. Yep there's tons of dirt roads out here! So much fun!

    2. Looks like you had a couple of interesting days while even getting in a visit with Adam.
      With the Spare Tire mounted on the Bumper it could make the Can Am hard to steer by changing its weight balance. We saw a lot of UTVs that had mounted their Spares along with Gas Cans on the Roll Cages. Others also ran Filtered Air Intakes on the Roll Cage as there was not as much dust up there. Just something to think about before doing long hauls.
      Be Safe and Enjoy!

      It's about time.

  3. Thanks Rick for your comments. We took it out yesterday and no problems. We actually know several people who have mounted theirs in the same place and no problems. :) Ready to get out and about for rides, before it gets too cold!