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Friday, January 22, 2021

More work on the MH...

 Happy Friday! That certainly used to mean something when we were working! LOL! 

Yesterday was more of the same, working on the painting of the MH.  Ken finished the walls up in the "bedroom".  

First thing in the morning he ran to Tru Value for caulking and then a couple of other stops in town.  I did some regular cleaning while he was gone and made up salad stuff for lunch. 

When he got back, out we went once the MH was warm enough. These chilly mornings make for a later start.  Painting the kitchen area and painting the doors of the cabinets outside was my agenda for the day.  I almost got that accomplished. 

My red and white kitchen...

When we bought paint we knew we wanted the walls of the kitchen to pop with color so we both agreed on red. I got that done and we were both happy with that! Because we liked it so much we decided to continue with the wall behind the dinette. I had it cut out for gray, so red was easy and quick. 

I like this..now what to do with the dinette covers? 

After lunch I headed outside to paint the cabinet doors while Ken worked on cutting and putting up the paneling in the bunk area.  

Ken did and excellent job with this..I love it!
Because of the colors in the paneling it saved me from painting the beige front..😍

I was able to get the frontof the doors done, but it got way too cold to do the backs so into the garage they went for the night. 

Ken barbecued some awesome burgers (forgot a pic) and I made zucchini fries, such a good dinner.  We enjoyed Happy Hour outside with the help of the Little Red Campfire. Watched some movies and then off to bed. 

Friday morning I was awake about 0400 but didn't start the coffee and heaters until 0500.  Coffee, blog reading and then time for Ken to get ready. He's having breakfast with our neighbor Joe in town.  

I made a flaxseed waffle and enjoyed that on my own. It's 37 right now with a warming to 49 so I'm thinking Ken will make a fire in the garage so I can finish those doors.  

Messaged with grandson Jacob this morning.  I'll be getting a package off next week to him.  He said he follows the blog and he thinks the motorhome looks awesome! Wish he was home so we could go out in it once finished and do some Can Am riding!💗💗

Time to get some chores done so I can get back at it! LOL..Gray walls today is the plan! Of course you never know...LOL..

Have a great day!  


  1. That motor home is looking awesome!! You guys should go in the business of renovating rv's! I love the red and the panelling in the bunk area. Great job!!

    1. Hahah..No thanks this one will be quite enough..LOL. Thank you!

  2. I will be echoing what Patsy and Deb said. Your MH is looking great the red pop of color in the kitchen and dining area is wonderful. Ken did a really nice job with the paneling, also. Keep having fun with it. Stay safe. Hugs.

    1. I love the red too! Thank you Ken really did an excellent job in such a confined space..Hugs to you too!

  3. I'm amazed how great your painting looks. I never would have thought you could paint those walls and have it look so perfect!! GREAT JOB!! Oh to have a handy husband around. The paneling is something I never would have thought of.

  4. The walls were the easy part..All the taping off and cutting in were the hard/boring part. LOL. Yep, he is pretty handy :) He was just using the paneling to make a wall that had water damage His mistake was not turning it around to the wood side LOL..

  5. I like the way the Colours are turning out in the MH.
    Sounds like a tasty dinner.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you! They burgers were awesome! I never eat a whole one, but I sure did! LOL