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Friday, January 17, 2014

It's Friday!! Ken's doing an awesome job on the livingroom!

Woke up to a cold, clear morning...kinda the way they've been for a couple of months now.  No rain in the forecast but badly needed!  

After our morning routine, coffee, computer, catching up on other people's blogs, exercise, showers,  breakfast and Ken making a fire in the woodstove (whew I'm tired just writing that!)....Ken got started on more sheetrock and panelling..at about 1600 hours this afternoon it looks awesome!  

I probably should have waited till the sun was down more, but I was so excited that I couldn't wait!  Loving the way it's turning out and love the look!  

Tomorrow morning I will head to Reno to meet Eric and Chris and get the boys from them for the weekend.  A trip to Winco is definitely necessary!  Looking forward to a great weekend and by the time I get home there should be more panelling up! whooohooo!! 

** To see a bigger picture, click on the picture itself...especially the last pic!***

Ken and his handy work!

Love it!

Hard to tell, but we are almost at the woodstove...so glad we went with
the gray bricks!  

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