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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Russell and Lori left today...all the kids home..and we almost have a fireplace!

Desert Yetti prints mysteriously appear in Yerington, NV!

Russell and Lori came about 1900 hours on Friday night...we had some enchiladas and a nice evening.  On Saturday the ping pong table took the limelight...kids and adults alike had a blast playing it!  The weather was cool but really nice so we were outside most of the day.  

Ken and Russell "discovered" some mysterious prints in the sand.  Mia and Aaron spent a great part of the afternoon finding more prints and letting their imagination run wild.  So cute! 

Had a nice evening, and then this am after breakfast Russell and family left for home, and I headed for Placerville with Adam and Mia...meeting Bryan and Cheryl for a quick lunch and then I came home to the fireplace almost done.  

Looks so awesome...of course we then discover that the baffles for inside the stove are not in, so Ken had to try to get them in by disconnecting the pipe inside the house to get into the top of the stove...so you know how that goes...not fun, but as I write this it appears it's getting done. 

Ken is so awesome at this stuff...

Desert Yetti prints!  All over the place~

Russell and Mia examining the prints!

Aaron and Russell looking for more Yetti prints

Mia and Aaron telling us all about the prints and how they came to be!

Today, when I got back from dropping kids in Placerville
Ken had the outside chimney about done! Looks awesome!

The fireplace from the inside
The ping pong table is a big hit~


Buddy, such a good dog!

A little Buddy love!

Miss Lori

Papa, Russel and Mia cheering on the ping pong players

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