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Thursday, January 16, 2014

What an expensive week!

Ken bar b quing hot links for last Sunday games!

Today, Ken finished the bricking behind the woodstove..looks great!

Our open wall...hopefully tomorrow some sheetrock and panelling!
Snacks, bloody marys and mimosas...good times!
Saturday we watched some football and then because we enjoyed the games so much we decided to do it again on Sunday, except I ran to the store and got some snacks and we had an enjoyable day!  Nothing got done..oh well need one of those once in awhile.  

So much fun we're gonna have to do it again this Sunday!  

Monday we went to Reno, to pick up the Ford, it was fixed they ordered the parts for the truck from ebay and it was fixed early.  So off we went and $1670.00 later we have our truck back.  haha...From there I went and did  some grocery shopping and Ken went to the tire place and had new tires and reconditioned rims put all around...so another $1300.00 there...ahhhhhh...but should be good for another 100,000 miles or so....NOT....Tuesday, we took the truck to Carson City so we could get the sheetrock needed for the house, and a few other things.  We visited Harbor Freight and Tractor Supply and had a nice Mexican lunch.  Headed home, stopped in town and got some diesel. Truck wouldn't start...the igniton just kept going round and round...ahhhhh...so long story short, had it towed to the shop in town and a Yerington Police officer took me home so I could get the car and pick up Ken.  

Shop called the next morning and only $89.00 later the truck is fixed!  

Yesterday and today, Ken has finished a few projects and worked on the living room.  He got the bricks done behind the woodstove and it turned out so nice!!  So glad we've got the woodstove in and working!  Love the ambiance and the heat!! 

Saturday I'll run to Reno and meet with Eric and Christina and get their boys from them.  They are spending the weekend in Reno as it's her birthday.  I'll meet up with them on Monday.  

Had a nice conversation with my good friend Vicki Wright Lyman...hadn't talked to her over the phone since we retired...but it was like talking to her everyday! Love ya Vic!

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