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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Progress is being made! Loving the living room!

How the wall looked this morning when Ken started

In progress...U can really see the difference here

And this evening...pictures don't do it justice...all that's needed is trim..

Another beautiful day in Yerington, NV...u would never know it's the middle of winter..
This afternoon it had to be 60 degrees in the sun!  Ken worked on the living room today
and got the wall done (except for trim) ...it looks so awesome!! The pictures don't do it justice!  Now for the front door wall and then the two small walls on the kitchen side..can't wait!! 

I ordered some curtain tie backs and want to order a lamp..but all in good time..still deciding what to do about the floor..probably gonna have Ken lay a new one..

Ken's brother Don is in town, (CA)...so after we get back from Winnemucca on Tuesday Ken will head that way to see about helping him take care of the rest of his house, as it is in escrow and they still have some things in the garage.  Then we have Mason's birthday party on Saturday and Gma's house for Superbowl on Sunday..Monday am we have to head to Winnemucca for our Dr's appts on Tuesday...whew...then hopefully Ken can get back to work! haha..just kidding!  

On to winnemucca tomorrow!

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