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Friday, January 24, 2014

We got a new Couch!!

Ken got the wall done and it is sooooo awesome!!  Thought i'd give him a break today (hahahah) and we headed for Reno to take a look at RC Willey to get an idea of furniture we would want for the living room...well, u know how that goes...we had the Mazda and we bought a couch!!  So back to Reno tomorrow to pick it up!  Of course since we'll have the trailer, i'll have to relook and see if I can find something else to go in the livingroom....

We walked into the store and looked at a few pieces...then we were headed to the clearance room and on the way ...there it is!  We both were in love at the same time...so we bought it!  Have to go back tomorrow to pick it up...so now have to wait til Sunday so Ken can get back to work on the wall...(crack that whip that's what I do!).....

We looked at Ashley furniture to see if we could find something for the other wall...they are crap..so no...!  but it'll b fun looking! 

The wall is done!!! Love it!!

Ken stoking the fire! 

Our NEW Couch!!

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