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Thursday, January 2, 2014

A bow and arrow for Miss Mia and a ping pong table for the rest of us!

Miss Mia making clam dip

Mia, Aaron, Jacob and Papa out by the fire!


Trying to figure out the puzzle of the coffee table

Miss Mia and her new bow and arrow set

Mia and Papa working on learning the bow

Aaron and the bow and arrow set


Our new ping pong table...tomorrow it should be put together

I'd say Mia has done pretty well at shooting!

Ken went to Lowe's and Big 5 today...I went to Walmart to do some shopping for the weekend, as Russell and Lori are coming over to pick up the kids and see the place..  Ken came home with a new ping pong table set, as we thought that would be fun for the grandkids.   While at Big 5 he saw a pink bow and arrow set so picked it up for Miss Mia.  Well, just because it was pink it didn't stop the boys from practicing with it..cute!...Tomorrow Ken will hopefully be able to get the ping pong up and going as the boys seem really excited about having this along with the basketball court! 

We had a really nice New Years with the kids and Ken and I actually were awake for the New year!  Hard to believe it's 2014!   We really want to go to Parker AZ for a few weeks but then we are working hard on finishing the fireplace here and would like to get the panelling up...so we probably won't go yet... we have to go to Winnemucca next week for a quick trip to get Ken's meds and then we have lab appts at the end of the month..dr appt on Feb 4th..so maybe after that if we make some good headway...darn this being responsible!...hahah..

Again, life is wonderful!! Happy 2014!

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