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Friday, June 26, 2020

Betsy's Big Kitchen, groceries, UTV looking.. Baking day at home..

 Thursday morning we were up around 0600 or so. Coffees, computing, visiting with  our blogging friends and then out of bed to really get the day started. 

We decided to head for Gardnerville to grab some groceries at Walmart. Next stop was Raley's for prescriptions. We thought that if we were going to buy a side by side we would trade in my quad. It's the 700 Yamaha KFX.  It's still a nice ride but figured we didn't need them all.  The plastic needs replacing as it got wrecked several years ago. Doesn't deter it from being a fine riding ATV.  Anyway, we headed for Reno and our safe deposit box there. Decided not to trade the bike in as he said because it's old they could only offer $500.00.  When I told Russell he said Good!  because Aaron loves that thing! So we're keeping it. 

By the time that was done it was close to 1300.  I did make lunch but Ken said how about Chinese?  We haven't had Chinese since Jan or February at least. We went by our favorite place in Carson City but they're still only doing take out so we left. 

Betsy's Big Kitchen was open so we had dinner there. Delicious and we had our favorite waitress, Lisa.  She's not happy about the mask wearing, but is happy to be back at work.  

All day I had been texting back and forth with our son, Russell.  Our researcher for the side by side.  I called a place in Las Vegas and we were going to take a ride there.  Ken and I had been thinking all day that it was Wednesday.  We didn't have any plans until Saturday.  Ok we can do this!  Talked with Milo and the one we really liked had a deposit on it, but there was another we liked so ok let's go! In the end he sent us a cost sheet and it was ridiculous the fees they charge tacked on another $3000.00 to the price. Told him we weren't happy with that and made an offer.  Guess he didn't like it because I haven't heard back. Oh well. The nice thing there, is masks are required so I told him I'd be in touch when that was lifted. He then said we could do business in the warehouse without masks. 
This is one we really liked..but it had a deposit on it..

After lunch we ran by Michael's Cycle Works.  Thought we'd look at a model Russell had found.  We found that a lot of them are alot bigger than we thought. We just want one that's small, even though the bigger ones are nice. We can always upgrade in a few years if we want. Talked with Vinny there, but nothing that we wanted or could afford. haha. 
Yeah these are really nice..not as expensive as you would
think looking at them..but too big

Love this one!

Got home, groceries unloaded and it was clouding up again. Yay! More thunder and lightening so we took our drinks to the back porch as with the wind we were getting wet out front. 
Rain and thunder made for another nice evening

What a gorgeous sunset! 

This morning I showed Ken one side by side I found in Reno so I emailed Brandon for more information.  He called this afternoon so we're going to run there in the am to look at it :)  So we'll see, they only have 1 of this model and he said the same thing the other two guys we've talked with, that they are going fast and because the factories have been shut down for so long, they're hard to come by. I did ask if they required masks and he said they leave it up to customers. Nice, as of today it's supposed to be a requirement. Idiot Governor. Of course he "forgot" his when he was out to dinner with wifey and friends.UHHH..
Not the best picture, but this is the one we're going to
look at tomorrow..so we'll see...

It was a baking day for me today. Karen gave me some bananas that needed to be turned into bread and muffins. Made her some muffins and a bread. Ken got his muffins and bread and I made my flourless peanut butter muffins. 
I had to cut Karen's bread as the outside edges were hard..cooked in non stick pan
Ken's all good..cooked in my mom's old meatloaf pyrex :)
I couldn't give Karen Ken's loaf as his has no sugar except the fruit

Banana, apple, raisin, carrot oatmeal muffins..the dough looked so good!
My flourless muffins in the back..I threw them together in my little
food processor and they are nice and light :) 

Ken went to town to try to go by DMV but he said there's a lot of people waiting in the heat in the parking lot to get in. No appointments other than Reno, Carson City and Vegas.  Too bad. 

We're heading over to Karen's for a bit in a little while. It's Friday night Happy Hour!  Hoping everyone has a wonderful weekend. 


  1. We considered a UTV but finally decided against it because of the distance we'd have to transport it because our Trailer is not a Toy-Hauler.
    Like the Sunset Pictures.
    That baking is making me hungry.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Ours isn't one either but we do have the cabover and we figure we wouldn't be taking it out much in the summer. For me the warm temps during the summer aren't much fun. Thank you we love our sunsets here! Glad you like the baking!

  2. Wow your baking looks YUMMY! How fun to have a UTV. There has never been a place to ride them around here. I'm with you on the green one!!! Hope it all works out and you get to bring one home. I'm exited for you!!!

    1. Thanks Nancy! Yeah we like our quads but I like the idea of the UTV..so we'll see. Sweet of you to be excited!

  3. Your search sounds typical when you want something like that so I hope you like the one in the morning. :) Good luck with the search!
    Your baking always looks so awesome, you are so dedicated! Enjoy the eats!

    1. Thanks Patsy! Well, I'm dedicated only because I drink more wine than you do LOL..so I have to watch it other places :) Thanks we're still looking :)

  4. Hey! UTVs are fun. Just a h eads up...we’ve had two RZRs and while they were ok, we did have lots of issues with them. LJ finally got fed up and We now have a maverick trail and absolutely love it. Much more comfortable for day rides. Handles better and while we’ve had ours a year, friends have had them a couple of years and no issues. Having had them both, I’d recommend the maverick. ❤️��

    1. I've seen stuff on FB that pops up because somehow they know you're looking and we've decided on the Can Am Maverick. So you've just reaffirmed it!

  5. If you are up for a road trip, everybody in our group bought theirs (including us) at Jorgensens in Richfield Utah. L) paid $10500 out the door. Don’t know what they are now, but he deals better than anyone local in Reno, Carson or AZ. Tell Mike the owner Rich Kropp and Larry sent you .😁

    1. Donna, Thanks for the recommendation and I have emailed them today! I'm sure we'll hear in the am as they're closed today. Keeping my fingers crossed that it works and we'll be headed to Utah later this week! Thanks my wonderful friend :)