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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Lizard rant! Bird Bath Memories! Beautiful sunset...

We didn't get out of bed until 0630 this am.  I was awake but didn't wake Ken up until then.  Got my coffee and we visited with our friends for a bit. I went outside to water the garden before it got too late and all those lizards decided to come out. There's always one in the garden, so  I turn the hose on and he runs off, exactly my plan. Then I can water and actually enjoy it. 

I hung the shower curtain Karen got us and have to say it looks really cute! Fits the bathroom style perfect! 😄
It looks perfect in our bathroom! Thanks Karen 💜

Ken was working on getting the plywood on the truck and gotta say it looks good. Ready for a kayak! 😊 

I went outside to bring in the sheets I had on the line and nothing but lizards everywhere! I had my yearly rant about how I HATE them and I HATE living here in the summer and I'm never coming outside until FALL! Put the sheets on the bed, did some unseen cleaning (shot glasses on the shelves and other things).  Finally, went back to the garage where Ken was and apologized for my earlier rant. Like I told him I wasn't mad at him, just the situation. He knows, and didn't take it personally. 

I was going to paint the birdbath but he said it's too hot, wait awhile. Back inside for some more cleaning. Then time for lunch. Ken came inside and we watched a food show on tv.  He actually went and laid down for a bit and then at 1500 he was back up and at that point we went out front and I painted the birdbath. 

This birdbath is special because it came from the house we moved to when I was 9 in Carmichael, CA.  I don't remember a lot of the story, (because when you're a kid you don't pay that much attention).  In the middle of the night we had a car run into the front living room. Sure it was a drunk driver.  Mom and dad had a plastic deer and a plastic birdbath out front that was destroyed.  The guy's insurance paid and paid for a cement birdbath. Daddy so enjoyed picking out the one he liked, mom liked it too. It sat out front from that time Which was probably 1965 until we sold the house in 2011. Not sure what happened to the deer, but the birdbath came with us. It's about 45+ years old. It needed some freshening up, so that's what I did this afternoon. We've had it separated because of cracking but have decided to put it back on its pedestal for as long as it lasts. 💖
The bird bath before painting...

I can't bring myself to paint over 4 drops of red barn paint...Daddy was painting
flower boxes over the birdbath and these have stood the test of time 💓

The pedestal before...

After...nice and freshened up..

We were able to almost perfectly match the blue daddy had painted it
many years ago..there's the four drops of red barn paint 😘

Ken hung Karen's wine glass with the clock (that doesn't work). Looks cute there as we have lots of happy hours out there. 
We decided the time needed to be at 3:00 for our Happy Hours with our
Canadian and UP friends!! Hoping for many more with them this winter!💜 

Came in to watch the local news, not sure why nowadays. We don't watch the National news as way too depressing and who knows what to believe. 😥 

I decided to start this and make me happy! I had to share our beautiful sunset last night! 

Mason and a catfish he caught at a neighbor's pond!
Catch and release...

Popped up on my sister's feed..Eric, Bryan, Russell..now they're 45, 47 and almost 42!
Where does the time go! 

Have a great night! Off to Carson City in the morning! 


  1. Keep the bird bath painted and sealed .. it should survive. Freeze thaw from ne ada wintersdestroy non painted ones..I learned the hard way 😂. Scooter says send the lizards here lol

    1. I'm hoping it'll last many more years :) I wish I could send them to Scooter!

  2. LOVE the bird bath. How cool is that!!! I'm with you .. no use watching the news since we don't know if any of it is true or not. Crazy times.

  3. By the way, you must have lots of bugs around for the lizards to eat. I don't mind them at all, but maybe that's because I don't have many in my neighborhood.

    1. So Ken tells me even though I don't see many bugs..honestly rather have bugs than these creatures!!

  4. We all have things we don't like to encounter. For me, it is big spiders. I'm getting better but I don't have to worry at least about tarantulas and black widows. You have every right to rant. :)
    Love the bird bath and the sentiment behind it. The red paint drops are special and I can see doing the same thing. I'd kept an old wood box of Daddy's until last year, it rotted away. I'd painted it a few times as had he. :( When I colour my hair, I wear what's left of his old flannel shirt. It's so soft and stained now but it is still Daddy's. :) xo

    1. Ken doesn't like spiders either, but give me spiders over these things anyway! I thought of you while I was painting it, as I know you feel about your daddy the same way I feel about mine :) Sweet about the flannel shirt :)

  5. What a beautiful story about the birdbath. It looks beautiful. Love all the photos... Birdbath, shower curtain, clock, kids and sunset,!

  6. By sealing the cracks in the Birdbath with Paint it should last for many more years. Cute story behind it.
    Nice Sunset Pictures.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your trip to Carson City.

    It's about time.

  7. Yes Rick that's what I'm hoping! Thank you! Carson was for a colonoscopy for Ken it turned out good, but wasn't fun the day before LOL..