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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Jello plans once again! Ely, NV...Margarita's Mexican Restaurant

We left home yesterday morning at just about 0900.  It was a beautiful drive across Nevada on Highway 50, The loneliest road in America...NOT anymore! It's amazing to see the people on the road and we noticed more and more RVs of every kind.  Lot's of new ones so RV businesses must be doing well. I've got a feeling campgrounds will be harder and harder to get. 
Sand Mountain NV..Lots of wonderful memories were made

Middlegate NV

Austin, NV

Our destination was Ely, NV about 305 miles from home.  We got here about 1700 pulled into CAL RANCH as Ken remembered he forgot an extension cord. Nice to walk into this store and actually see employees smiles! No face masks for anyone. Found what we needed and then headed towards the Prospector Hotel where we planned on finding a spot to park and spend the night. 
Eureka, NV

Ely, NV

We found our parking area, checked with the restaurant on times that they were open and headed back to the trailer where we enjoyed Happy Hour together. WE enjoyed watching parking lot fill up with travelers. They have built a new Holiday Inn Express right next door where the RV Park used to be.  Both parking lots are filled with travelers this am. Several U Haul trucks too. I sure would like to know those stories (yes I am nosey) LOL...

Finally we had our late but delicious dinner. Because of the 50% rules at 1930 they were packed so we went back to the trailer and tried again later. It was worth waiting for!! Margaritas Mexican Restaurant in the hotel is delicious if you're ever this way! 

Ken's Carnita dinner..

Veggie Fajitas! HUGE and delicious!

Waking up this morning (Tuesday) reading blogs and having coffee. Some other bloggers are spending time in Idaho with cool weather. I checked Bear Lake temps for the upcoming week and it's going to be in the 60's now (what happened to the warm forecast!)  At this point we haven't gone out of the way so we made the decision to head down highway 93 S to some of the Nevada State Parks that have lakes. I know we don't want to be kayaking in 60 degree temps! Will have to save Bear Lake for another trip. :(  

Better get going for now. Hubby is taking me out to breakfast. Have a great day! 


  1. We are headed towards Idaho next week, sure hope it warms up!

    1. It's supposed too according to weather apps...but that's what it said for this week and it's cool this week..Hoping it does for you!

  2. Your dinner does look delicious... both plates! Yum!

  3. The weather has been strange this Spring.
    Your meals look tasty.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Yes it is strange weather this year! They were yummy! we love that place!

  4. Love all those buildings. Jerry and I need to travel this road. Well....Jerry has but he was working.

  5. Hey, I drove that road!!! I so wanted to spend some time in Austin ... coolest little town ever ... but couldn't make the turn into the RV park (either direction) so had to spend the night in the big turnout just past town. LOVE Ely ... both sides. Stayed at the KOA campground so we could ride the train.

    1. Yeah Austin is too cute! We've stayed at the KOA too and ridden the Ghost Train..loved it! Love the town of ELY and it's surrounding areas!

  6. Sand Mountain looks interesting! Ely looks like a neat little town and your supper looks awesome! Yours would be my choice. Yummy.

  7. Sand Mountain was so much fun when our kids had ATVs and all their friends too. Now we're the only ones left with quads ..time marches on!