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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Ely, NV to Echo Canyon State Park Campground :)

Well, once we made the decision to stay in Nevada and not travel to Bear Lake this little vacation we were ok with it.  We both love this Eastern side of Nevada with the mountains and greenery that we don't have at home. 

We had a filling breakfast at Margaritas Restaurant and then travelled on. We had a really short drive of 120 miles from Ely to our little piece of land here at Echo Canyon State Park.  It was a little longer as we drove to Panaca to get gas and then some lite beer for Ken. We are about 12 miles off the highway so better stock up for a few days LOL.  
Highway 50 out of Ely..


Nearing Cathedral Gorge Campground.

Campgrounds are open but only at 50 percent and luckily we were able to get the last one with full hookups.  Only $10.00 a night because of Ken's Nevada State Parks Senior Pass. There were two without hookups left (which would be free camping for us). It appears the temps are going to be in the upper 90's later this week so a/c will definitely come in handy.  
Our home for the next few days

Echo Lake

Each site has a cover, picnic table, fire pit, barbecue and ours has full hookups :) 

Got set up and then Jan, a 73 year old woman who travels by herself walked by and started talking. I invited her to sit as she was talking into the sun. She lives in Ely and just bought a new trailer so she wanted to get out. Sounds like she and her hubby did quite a bit of traveling and kayaking while he was alive. 

We took a little drive down to Echo Dam and Lake and then through the old campground which is still very nice. There are some available sites there. Probably won't be on the weekend which is why we've decided to stay put here through Sunday.  If parks are this crowded here we're thinking they will be at other places too. So why take the chance? Lots of things we can do. 
Echo Lake..

Sunset..from Echo Canyon Campground

I let Ken sleep until 0730 this am, it was just too comfy in bed. If we were home we'd be up and getting things going, but now we don't have to feel guilty for doing nothing. YAY.  Hopefully the wind dies down later today as we'd like to get the kayaks in the lake. 

Time to get some breakfast going and get this day started. Have an amazing day! 


  1. It still amazes me that Parks are still closed everywhere. Being outside is healthier then being cooped up.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your kayaks.

    It's about time.

    1. I know what you mean Rick! Much healthier to be outside getting that extra dose of vitamin d!

  2. What a nice campground ... and hookups!! I'm sure it will get busy come the weekend. Your timing was perfect!

    1. Yes we are really enjoying it and can't beat the price and space!