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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Fernley trip..Good report from Dr. Grant..

Monday morning we woke up around 0530 and did our usual morning routine.  While talking Ken asked my plans for the day and I said I honestly didn't know. He said  "Oh Good" ok...Let's go to Fernley and hit up Lowe's and Walmart. We planned on doing it Tuesday on the way back from Winnemucca (good thing we didn't wait for that).  

We headed out, he dropped me at Walmart and he went to Lowe's.  We were back home in time for lunch.  100+ mile round trip. Ken went outside after lunch and finished hooking up the drip system for the garden. Looking good. 

While he was doing that I got Jacob's package together and ran it to the post office. It should be on base on Thursday. Hopefully he'll have it Friday.  Seth said he was ok and once he got a post office box he'll let me know. I ordered Allissa a sign like we have here as she loved it. 💜 The gentleman I'm dealing with is really easy to work with.  Between the orders I've done with him he raised his prices, because of the cost of metal but said he would give me hers at the cost of the others. 💙
Jacob's package..he wanted the tuna packages (15) beef log, crackers
and then other goodies I could find 💙

We did some things and then around 1700 headed over to Karen's to get caught up on things. It's been so windy there was no way to sit outside and enjoy happy hour but yesterday was perfect.  We didn't stay too long as we had an early morning coming up. 
This fire is from Sunday night, but we had another just like it last night.
No more needed we hope! 

This morning we left the house just about 0700 to head for Winnemucca and my twice yearly doctor's appointment.  They are staggering patients so no mask required for either doctor, staff or patients.  YAY! Finally some common sense! 

It was a great visit and all my numbers on my labs and scales are good! Blood pressure was high but I'll keep a watch on that as I always have "white coat syndrome" and some other things lately. Just keep doing what I'm doing and I'll see her again in November as I will be going on Medicare in December. Sorry to have to change doctors but after seeing what medicare pays, can't blame her for not taking it.  She said the only way she could make it would be to close her practice and go to work for the hospital. Not what she wants to do.  
Heading toward downtown Winnemucca..this was our town 10
years ago after we retired. 

We left there about 1140 and headed for Fallon, NV.  Decided to have a celebratory linner at Stockman's.  They close at 1400 now so we just missed it.  Tried The Depot Diner inside a casino. Good food, service and we're full! We would definitely go back.  I did pack lunch in case we couldn't find a place, but now we have lunch for tomorrow. :) 

Got home around 1600 and the day is done. Ken set the timer for the garden just to make sure everything works. 

Today we are mourning the passing of  one of our friends.  Sue was one of my first friends when we moved to North Highlands in 1980.  Her little boy, George would come and visit with Russell while Sue went to work as a teacher's aide at the elementary school where Eric and Bryan went. She's the reason I got my job there too. We got to be excellent friends and the friendship spanned over 40 years.  

We used to all go camping to Dillons in our younger years with kids. When they all had ATV's we would all meet at Sand Mountain or Winnemucca Dunes. Several Easters she and I would bring the Easter Eggs for all the kids to find. 

Over the last several years we would see each other on Facebook and stayed in touch that way, but we always knew we were friends and there for each other. She has a wonderful family and a husband of over 50 years. She will be terribly missed. 😢 We love you Sue! 

Sue and Andy celebrated 50 years of marriage in March

I swear she and Andy never changed in 40 years 💜
Have a good night! 


  1. Glad to hear about your numbers from the doctors. Keeping looking yourself, my dear, and you'll be doing great for a long time coming! :)
    I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your dear friend. Those are the moments that we realize that no matter what we do, when our time is up, it is up, so we MUST live as much as possible NOW. Sending you a big HUG. xo

    1. Thank you for the HUG! You are right life is short and we need to live, which is what we're doing! Thank you , I was happy with the appointment for sure.

  2. Good to hear your blood numbers are good to go. I always wonder about mine especially glucose each year. Sorry to hear about your friend Sue. 40 year friendships are hard to come by. :( Both of you take care.

    1. Thank you Doug. I was close a few years ago to the pre diabetes #. That's when I started low carb and it works for me. :) A1C was excellent along with the glucose now! Yes 40 year friends are very hard to come by for sure!