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Thursday, June 18, 2020

A day kayaking Echo Canyon Lake

Yesterday morning we finally left here a little after 1100 for the short drive to Echo Canyon Lake.  Only two other cars were down near the lake at the time. Got the kayaks off and set up the Ozark Trail ez up.  Now that was a sight to see! LOL.  It's only been up about 3 times and every time it ridiculously hard.  Ken finally turned the thing upside down and basically kicked it into position to get it locked. Turned it right side up and staked it down.  I am pretty sure this thing is going into the garbage when we are done with this vacation! Then we'll buy a REAL EZUP! 

Ken out on the lake

This lady was there for hours trying to catch fish..as far as I could see
not much success

Nice flush toilets and a fish cleaning station

Our day use area :) 

Got the kayaks out and got ourselves ready for some kayaking!  The lake is pretty but it's got that green junk along the shore, gives me the heebie jeebies! Found an area that wasn't too bad and Ken gave me a shove past the junk. He and I paddled that lake for quite awhile and then around 1330 came back to shore and had some snacks to take the place of lunch as we ended up with a late breakfast. 

Enjoyed sitting a bit and then back into the water.  Finally around 1600 we loaded up and came back to camp. What a great day it was! We are really enjoying the kayaks! 
Ken in action :) I really need to find a waterproof camera
then I can take pics out on the lake..

Once we came back to camp Jan came down and asked if we were ok.  Guess she was worried as we were gone so long. :) 

We enjoyed our Happy Hour outside next to the trailer and then moved over to the covering with the picnic table. Ken was getting ready to barbecue some awesome hamburgers for dinner! It was a beautiful spot to be sitting with the sun on our backs. 
Another nice sunset..

Eventually we came in to have dinner and he put on a movie, "The Ghost of Girlfriends Past".  This is another movie I could watch over and over. Love Matthew McConaughey! 

We didn't make it through the whole thing as we were both tired. 

This morning I woke up about 0500 and that was it for me.  Closed a few windows as it was chilly.  Just stayed in bed and enjoyed being comfy.  Ken woke close to 0630 so then we got up.  He turned the heater on and boy did that feel good! 

Now it's closing in on 0800 so we'll get this day going. It's supposed to be 80 degrees today which is perfect.  We're probably going to a couple of small towns near here just because we can.  Not sure if kayaks will get in the water today, but there is another lake just up the road we want to check out.  Loving days like this. 

Have a happy one! 

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  1. Kayaking sounds like a lot of fun. Might add to that with a small fishing reel if there's room. I totally get the EZUP thing. They all seem to work differently. LOL