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Monday, June 22, 2020

Cathedral Gorge, Father's Day, Moving on today...

Before we left here Saturday morning we decided to take the kayaks out one more time.  We were on the lake about an hour. A lot more people out enjoying the lake than on Friday. 
Very popular fishing spot!

Cute tent set up...

We decided to take a picnic lunch and after leaving Panaca to stock up on ice we headed for Cathedral Gorge State Park.  We drove through the campground just to see how many sites were open and filled. Most of them, as they were 100 percent open too.  Sure is nice to see families out and about enjoying the beauty of the area. 

We headed for the day use area and enjoyed our lunch under the shade covers made by the CCC's in 1934.  Amazing that they're still standing and under the covers it's said that temps are close to 20 degrees cooler and that was nice as it was 94 degrees. 
Cathedral Gorge State Park..

Awesome place with lots of slot canyons..pictures just  don't capture
the beauty of this little gem..

Water well built by the CCC's in 1934..didn't last long..as the alkali
content was too strong

Old restrooms again built by the CCC's in 1934

Our lunch spot!

We talked with a few people that were out battling the heat.  They seemed to really enjoy the park as we do. 

After coming back to camp we sat outside under our shade cover and Ken got ready to barbecue some awesome chicken.   Eventually came inside and had a good dinner and turned on a movie. 

Ken's dinner! 

Sunday morning we awoke to warm temps after having the a/c running all night. We went back and forth on whether to stay another day or start our trek home. We decided to stay put , this way I can take Ken out to lunch in Ely before moving to a campsite that won't have electricity. We need to pick up a few things in Ely too. 

Between the trailer and the shade covers I didn't leave the site all day.  Ken walked to the iron ranger and around the park a few times. Too hot for me! He got the kayaks loaded and a few other things done. I made some potato salad for dinner. Just a nice laid back day! 
Love this view from our campsite...

Well, my wine glass broke :( Need to carry more than one, but Ken custom made
this LOL..Holt's Shell no more...

Last night's feasting! 

Happy Father's Day! 💙

Gotta love the sunsets! 

All 3 sons called and talked with their dad so he was a happy camper! 

Great barbecued chicken once again! 
Once we headed for bed we opened all the windows and had our little fan running all night, but it was great for sleeping! 

Today (Monday) we're moving on toward home.  Illipah Creek Reservoir on Highway 50 is our goal today.  It's about 40 miles west of Ely, NV.  We've seen the signs but have never been so figured today is a good day to stay there. It'll be hot as there are no hook ups but we'll follow the shade. No wifi or phone service either from what the reviews show.  We'll  see where we end up tomorrow. 

Have a great day! 


  1. I love the Ely area. It LOOKS nice and cool!!! I wish MY dinner looked that good. Sorry your wine glass broke. I've taken to plastic ones. I hate them, but they don't break!!

    1. haha. Looks is the key word! I had 2 plastic at home, which I never use but they're going in the trailer now!

  2. Love big shade trees to sit under and nice to have cover at your site in the park. You might be home by now but if not, safe travels.
    The heat is getting to everyone but it is still my preference over the cold. :)
    Lovely pictures of the sky, Shirley!
    Happy Belated Father's Day, Ken! xo

    1. We just got home today..to 99 degree temps at 12...uhh. Thanks Patsy!