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Sunday, June 7, 2020

An unexpected trip to Walker River State Recreation Area for lunch.

Saturday morning about 0600 we were enjoying our coffees and treats before getting the day started. It was a beautiful morning with a little wind which of course increased as the day went on. 

Watered the garden and then got breakfast going.  It was going to be a stay at home day. Ken was working on a different way of tying down the front kayak.  He's got if figured out now. :)  I was working in the bunkhouse, just cleaning windows etc. That's more of a fun job out there haha. 
Ken got the Navy sign up yesterday! 

Walking up to our front door

There's our Marine one 💙

I was done and it was about 1140. Ken came in and said he just wanted to let me know that our plans for the day had changed.  We were heading out to the Walker River State Recreation Area and having lunch.  He wanted to test drive the new tie downs on the kayak..Ok, any excuse works.  

Ken was having the last 2 pieces of his pizza so I made myself half a low carb wrap, my version of cheese and tomato sandwich LOL.  We jumped into the truck and headed out. Kayak did just fine.  The park is only 20 miles from our house, which is nice.  

We went to the grand opening a few years ago and have been back a few times just because.  It's a four mile gravel road to the park off the main highway. They've added an RV campground which is really nice and well spaced. It would only cost us $10.00 for water and electric hookup. Then we drove over to the no hook up campground which was open when the park opened. There were people camping there, but again well spaced and spacious sights. Families and kids, nice to see! 
The gravel road to the park

The entrance to the park 

The RV campground with water and electric

Double site 

No hookup campground

Our picnic spot

We found our spot, got the chairs out and sat against the truck out of the wind. The sun was shining, mid 70's so perfect. Enjoyed our lunch and drinks. After awhile we headed home.  
We were out of the wind, nice and sunny!

A view from the campsite

The Walker River is near the campground..looked deep and moving to me
but we did see families walking back after playing

Even a couple of picnic tables near the river

A nice campsite..kids and families :) 

On our way out of the park 

Back outside later in the afternoon while Ken got the barbecue ready. He barbecued home made turkey burgers and they were delicious! We were both beat so it was an early night. :) 

Turned the coffee on about 0530 this morning.  Ken actually turned the heater on too, first time in quite awhile. 43 degrees! It only got to 59 and with the wind all day felt much chillier.  Tonight the low is supposed to be 33 so Ken got the wood stove in the house ready to go for a fire.  Tomorrow 70 and then back into the 80's on Tuesday. 
Wind and awesome clouds

Ken worked on getting the garden set up for the drip system. He went to True Value in town but they didn't have what he was looking for so we'll stop at Lowe's on Tuesday on our way home from Winnemucca. Hopefully he can finish it up on Wednesday so we can leave Thursday or Friday.  
My garden is growing! Even have two blooms on one of the squash plants

Jersey knit sheet fits perfect over the garden, supposed to be 33 degrees

I worked on making coffee treats to freeze to take with us. Kept me busy in the kitchen for a lot of the day. Getting slower in my old age LOL.  Pulled out some enchiladas from the freezer for dinner. Made some lettuce coleslaw as I didn't want to go to town for a head of cabbage.  
Apple banana carrot bread and muffins. My flourless peanut butter in the front

Pretty much that was our day today. 1630 almost Happy Hour 😊 Thinking it'll be indoors today. Have a good night! 

Sunset pics from a few days ago

I got carried away and doesn't do it justice!

After it came out of the oven..it was amazing! Zucchini crust is my favorite!


  1. What a great couple of days! Any excuse for lunch away from home sounds good to me! Glad the tie downs worked well. Looks like a nice park, love the entrance.
    Your pizza looks yummy to me, Bill not so much. :D haha he's fussy.

    1. Yes it was a great day and such a surprise! The pizza was awesome, I know you would love it! Bill might too if he tried a small piece..LOL

  2. What a nice little campground, so close!! Nothing better than a picnic near the river. Love your Redneck sign!! LOL
    Jersey knit sheets ... I think I need some of those for Arizona in the winter. Great idea!!

    1. Yeah it's really nice that it's so close and very nice amenities. Got the Redneck sign in Yuma at the Marketplace! That sheet is so old, need to get another set for sure..they are really comfy!