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Saturday, June 20, 2020

A couple of great days on the lake and other places..

Thursday we got ourselves going to check out a few places in the area. Our first venture was to the town of Pioche, NV.  Cute little town about 12 miles away.  The sign says all services, but must be an old sign.  No place to even get ice. 

Very cute little town...Pioche

That's a cross on the mountain

Mining tailings..

The aerial tramway..

Saloons are open...

Miners Cabin

The aerial tram crossing Highway 93..

We drove down to the Shell Station at Panaca and picked up a bag of ice. Into the town (LOL) of Panaca to the market. We thought we'd pick up some beer and a little more ice.  Apparently it's a town ordinance that they can't sell alcohol within a mile of town. The only church we saw was Mormon and because they're close to Utah...So we decided to drive to Caliente, NV where we knew there was a grocery store. 

The lady inside was very friendly, she had mask around her neck, so guessing if someone came in wearing a mask she would put it up.  They don't sell alcohol either but the local gas station does. She said it's another license and the owner doesn't want to spend the $$.  Obviously the owner is very patriotic as seen in the pics below. 
They represented every branch including the Coast Guard..

A woman in Alamo, Nevada free hands everything except the circles..The
clerk said it's amazing to watch! 

Took a few mile drive to Kershaw-Ryan State Park to have our lunch under a shade tree in the campground they have there.  We were there a few years ago, but a very small park with some trails. Very pretty though. 

Back into the truck and to the Shell station which was on our way back anyway. :)  The people inside were very friendly and no masks there.  That's something we have noticed here at camp and at the lakes we visited, not 1 mask anywhere, even the Park Rangers! Nice to actually see peoples faces and their smiles! 
Cute houses in Caliente, NV

We drove to Spring Valley State Park and the Eagle Valley Resorvoir. Beautiful lake and surrounding park is just stunning with the huge and surprising rock formations on a well traveled graveled road. Lots of people fishing. 
On the way to Spring Valley State Park..

Eagle Valley Lake

Beautiful drive in the park

Stone Cabin..it was closed as it was the last time we were here..
Sure would like to see the inside!

Love all the yard art!

We decided not to go back there just to kayak when our lake is so much closer. One day maybe. The campgrounds there are pretty small and no hook ups. They were pretty packed as half the sites are closed. :( 

We headed back home in time for our Happy Hour and enjoyed sitting outside in the shade of the trailer.  Once the sun started to set, we moved over to the picnic table area where the sun warmed our backs once again. 

It was an easy dinner as we finished off all the Mexican that was left finally. 

Yesterday (Friday) our plan was to head to the lake once again, set up the ez up (LOL) and spend some time in the kayaks. We took the little weber and bar b q for some hot links for lunch. It was 85 in the afternoon and little wind and so perfect! 

Our set up for the day...

Yummy hot links!  Ken's went on buns..mine half a low carb wrap..yum!
A few pics from my phone..got brave enough to take it
with me..

Just a beautiful day on the lake 💙

It was a great day at the lake! We're both loving the kayaks! When we got back to camp we discovered the Rangers had opened all the sites for camping! Glad to see that. 

Ken barbecued some awesome burgers and corn on the cob (my first piece in almost 2 years) but hey, I'm on vacation! oh yum!! Another great evening in the books! 

Today (Saturday) not sure what we're doing, but we have to run to Panaca to get ice.  Even with a great ice chest in these temps ice melts every other day or so. Expected to be 91 degrees so we'll have to find something to keep us cool! 

Have a great weekend! 


  1. That is beautiful country. I love the little towns around there. That's so cool you got to go kayaking again. You're right .... I never would have thought about not taking my phone and getting dunked!! Maybe get a waterproof container for it, even a zip-lock bag!!

  2. It is beautiful ..I wish the lake was a swimming lake, but the only place I'd consider would be the middle of the lake. Feel bad for all the families that have found they can't play in the lake :( Yeah a zip lock baggie would certainly work!