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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Monday we left Yerington,,, and back again!

Monday, we left Yerington and headed towards Brigdgeport!  Got there and the boys headed out to go fishing!...all in all by the end of the trip the boys between the  3 of them had caught 20 fish...we ended up cooking 5 of them on Tuesday night..and they got eaten..we have 4 in the freezer right now!

We had several thunderstorms while we were gone!  incredible!  Loved the few days as they were nice and quiet and easy going! ...The boys all got along great and we had a wonderful time!...Today was a decision day as to whether we would go or stay..but decided to head back to Yerington...we stopped at Wilson CAnyon and I made lunch..for everyone who wanted it!...a great time was had by all!..

Got back and unloaded the camper and we headed out to Yerington, so I could pick up veggies, fruit and whatever else we needed...went back to the basketball court but looked like  Adam and Mason were enjoying themselves to waited about 25 minutes b4 calling an end to the whole thing...home and we made some dinner and off we go!!!! Love them boys!!

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